Turbans here to stay!

Turbans. They’re back!

And this time they’re here to stay. Designers across the globe have succumbed to the turbans flamboyance, and rightfully so.Although in some cultures the turban is seen as a religious symbol in the fashion world it is the “IT” accessory.

The turban was a huge deal in the past and unlike other accessories it never suffered the title ‘out of fashion’. Instead it kept a low but resolute profile emerging again for its glamorous comeback. And fashions most influential figures seem to agree with this theory.  A never ending trend, the turban signifies a woman’s confidence and embraces her beauty. This significance is closely linked to the sophistication of the 1920’s and 1930’s where only woman in the upper positions of the hierarchy dared wear the turban.

It is true that confidence is mandatory for a woman to even think of wearing a turban but this is the 21st century and like technology, confidence is something everyone has. With varying styles ranging from full head coverage to acting as a broader headband the turban suits every wearer. Different versions of the turban have been embraced and not only does the turban support a cool chic look but it can be modified into being deemed worthy for an elegant dinner event. Its versatility is what puts it ahead of everything else, thus guaranteeing it stays current for all seasons to come.  The turban has become the must have for huge names and it has dazzled spectators at recent fashion shows. It was also supported by Sarah Jessica Parker in one of her films.

Although a small piece of cloth the turban possesses an uncanny ability to shape and satisfy the taste of every fashion critic. Maybe that’s why the turban is projected to always be a part of the modern world. Its enticing quality collected with its harbouring of history and religious significance almost certainly propels it to a bright, long and successful future.

Yes the turbans are back. For good.

Feature Editor-Ikra bint Ahmed

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