Float In Your Dreams

Floating in your dreams can now be a reality with zero daybed created by the world famous architect, sculptor and designer Jorge Goval for Fanstudio. This extreme luxury gadget is inspired from an apparently simple yet extremely complex notion-tropism.  “Simplicity is resolved complexity.”, says Jorge Goval, the talent behind this masterpiece of a gadget. To get your hands on this luxury lounge bed, keep your eyes and ears open as they say 2013 will be seeing its release for retail.

Besides offering its customers complete protection and privacy in an enclosed space, this gadget is also compatible with iPhones and iPads, and features a 2.1 audio system. A wise and safe investment perhaps, as all fanstudio products have 2 years quality guarantee and transportation insurance.


Measuring 2.2 meters in diameter, the mesmerizing Zero Daybed is crafted from anodized aluminium, carbon fiber, stainless steel or glass and wrapped with the newest Italian textiles. It comes with a reclining back which can be easily turned around for 360 degrees, thus providing occupants with the best orientation. The bed incorporates a recliner fitted with fine Italian fabrics supporting your need to tune in with the surroundings.

A furniture of the future that has somehow made its way into the mundane present, Zero daybed is one gadget where comfort goes hand in hand with luxury. Zero with all its features, is just the perfect world to dream away into in the day or night, alone or in company.

Feature Editor: Khansa AJ


2 thoughts on “Float In Your Dreams

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