Memories with Razan Alazzouni

Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Emma Roberts, Ashley Tisdale, Giuliana Rancic, Anna Sophia Robb and Kelly Osbourne have all worn Razan’s creations and her name is a well known one in the field of fashion. Feminine, delicate, sensual, and everything that surrounds it are epithets that describe her designs. Razan has just released her winter collection 2013 and was spotted yesterday at the Palm Island in Dubai featuring her latest designs. Haute Arabia gets in touch with her and gives you a brief look into where this talent gets her inspirations from!

  • Khansa (HA): Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up and what have you studied?
  • Razan: I grew up in Alkhobar , Saudi Arabia. I attended Dharain Ahliyya school where I completed my high school degree . Upon graduation I attended the school of the museum of fine arts, an art school affiliated with Tufts University where I graduated with a degree in studio arts and art history.


  • Khansa (HA): How did Razan Alazzouni come into being?
  • Razan: In my last year of university , part of my senior project was creating a line of disposable clothing made out of hand made paper. I sold my first dress that year and decided to start the Razan Alazzouni label.
  • Khansa (HA): Tell us about your next step. What do you want to achieve professionally?
  • Razan: I hope that the company will continue to grow and the brand will become more established and international._RAM0732
  • Khansa (HA): Who do you want to work with? Any favorite designers/artists?
  • Razan: I think one of my dreams is to work with Ricardo Tisci I see him as such an amazing artist !
  • Khansa (HA): What’s hot and what’s in this season?
  • Razan: I think pastels are in this season with some splashes of bright colors. Its all about the statement accessories that makes the outfits.
  • Khansa (HA): Tell us about your new collection.
  • Razan: The winter collection is influenced by Ice and the cold weather. The way water can change its form from something fluid to something rigid . You can see that in the beading and the choices of fabrics.


  • Khansa (HA): What inspires you?
  • Razan: Everything around me inspires me ! Art , light , or interesting book can easily spark an idea that leads to a collection.
  • Khansa (HA): What are some of your fashion goals?
  • Razan: To one day be showing my collection in NYC fashion week or Paris Fashion week .
  • Khansa (HA): What are your favorite colors to work with and why?
  • Razan: I love working with white . Even though it is such a basic color I think it one that works if any season.


  • Khansa (HA): How would you define your personal style?
  • Razan: I am more of a classic with a touch of modern kind of girl .
  • Khansa (HA): What are some of your accomplishments as a designer?
  • Razan: Dressing well know celebrities in Hollywood . Being featured in some of the worlds most prominent magazine such as vogue UK vogue Italy , and in style.


  • Khansa (HA): How would you define your city’s fashion?
  • Razan: Modern with a touch of edgy!
  • Khansa (HA): A message for your audience
  • Razan:Live your dream !

That was a truly inspirational message from Razan to our readers! We at Haute Arabia wish everyone would live their dream as well!

Until Next Time!

-Khansa AJ

More pictures from Razan Alazzouni’s 2013 SS and AW collections at

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