Editor’s Pick | Timeless Timepiece


Born out of the desire by Chanel to invent a new colour and a new tint to ceramic-a previously unexplored territory, the Gem-set steel J12 chromatic watch has been made with thorough thought and study of reaction of steel to light in different hues. Chanel claims that the only way you can do justice to this watch is by wearing it and letting it live and change as it moves. Forged from an incredibly light but sturdy material called titanium ceramic which is almost as hard as sapphire, it is highly scratch resistant.
With a 38mm steel triple folding buckle, the dimensions of Gem-set steel J12 Chromatic may seem daunting for women with smaller wrists. Yet the design is deceptively feminine and charming – from the eye-catching dial to the glitzy border with 54 diamonds that the dial is set in. A time piece that truly stops time the moment you lay your eyes on it! I truly feel that when buying a high-end timepiece, part of that investment is the peace you acquire from the knowledge that your new watch will remain visually outstanding for a long time.

Feature Editor: Khansa AJ

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