In the Wilderness with Hesseh

The Hesseh Abaya collections are renowned for its modesty and sophisticated elegance, which encapsulates luxury couture, creative detailing and femininity to offer women captivating and unique abayas.  Designed by Emirati designer Hessa Al Obaidli, Hessa’s designs are inspired by her cultural heritage with a dash of western influence, creating a contemporary take on a traditional form of the abaya. Hessa has gained international recognition for her design work which can be described as a magical work of art. Haute Arabia had the pleasure to go behind the scenes and interview Hessa to learn more about her, the inspiration behind her newest collections, future plans and more.

HSS13_15 price AED2,600

Saamiyah (HA)– Hi Hessa, tell me a little bit about yourself ?

Hessa – I am an Emirati designer who is looking to expand the Abaya across the Middle East.

 Saamiyah (HA)– How did your journey begin into the world of fashion? Who or what inspired you to become a fashion designer?

 Hessa- I got the passion for Abaya from my mother. I start sketching and stitching clothes for my dolls. Later I designed my first Abayas. Due to the repeated requests from my family and friends, I expanded my business and build my brand HESSEH Abaya Haute Couture.

Saamiyah (HA) -Describe the Hesseh brand in three words?

Hessa – I prefer to describe it in two words only….Unusually, Extraordinary! This is our vision at HESSEH Abaya Haute Couture.

HSS13_02 price AED3,800.

 Saamiyah (HA) – Who is the Hesseh woman?

 Hessa – HESSEH Woman is an elegant, audacious, and classy woman who admires Fashion.

Saamiyah (HA) –How has your culture influenced your work?

Hessa – I think I have taken the best out of my culture. The simplicity and discretion of the elements.

Saamiyah (HA)- Tell us a bit about your design process and where you draw inspiration for your design work?

 Hessa – I get inspired by art in general.  Since forever, I have loved reading fairy-tales and all my collections tell a story of imaginary locations with different characters. I love visiting museums & art exhibitions. I personally believe that Fashion is an art that you can wear.

HSS13_02 price AED3,800

Saamiyah (HA) – How is the current SS13 collection different from the previous collections?

Hessa –In the new collection, Wild Harmony, I have chosen to use the royal fabrics such as velvet, Italian dentelle, flowing fabrics like crepe, georgette and chiffon in order to meet the summer & spring needs.

 Saamiyah (HA) – Out of all the Abaya’s you have designed which one is your absolute favourite?

Hessa –I really cannot choose, I love all of them.

Saamiyah – What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

Hessa – Using the highest quality of materials. I think that the term HAUTE COUTURE has to always be honoured.

Saamiyah -If you could design a Hesseh abaya for anyone who it would be?

Hessa – I enjoy designing for every woman who recognizes herself in HESSEH’s values. However, if I had the chance to design for someone, I would say Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missnad of Qatar and Princess Amira al-Taweel of Saudi Arabia. It is obvious, that they are Fashion Icons. I think they represent HESSEH’s values. They are at very elegant, feminine, and classy. I would be honoured to design exclusive Abayas for both of them.

HSS13_04 price AED4,300

Saamiyah (HA)-As a fashion designer what are your top 3 style tip?

 Hessa -Keep it simple, chic and elegant!

Saamiyah -What fashion item could you not live without?

 Hessa -Shoes!

Saamiyah (HA)- What has been the highlight of your career?

 Hessa- I would say it feels great when you see that your work is appreciated by both the customers and the professionals.

Saamiyah (HA)-What projects or plans can we expect from Hesseh in the next 5 years?

 Hessa – To be a worldwide Fashion Brand. We are looking for collaborations with international Designers and well-known Brands. HESSEH Abaya Haute Couture is the official Brand Ambassador for BlackBerry.

Saamiyah (HA)-Any advice to future aspiring designers ?

Hessa -Be passionate and never give up !

HSS13_05 price AED2,200

Thank you for being onboard Haute Arabia! We are looking forward to hearing more from your end, Hessa!

 Feature Editor: Saamiyah Suleiman

To view all more of her collections,visit:

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