Reviving Essence| TOUJOURI Resort Wear 2013

Today we have a guest writer on Haute Arabia, Sweet Modesty’s Sadeel Allam. Let’s see what she had to say about Reviving Essence in theme with Haute Arabia.


TOUJOURI translates to treasure chest. And indeed, there is a treasure behind label TOUJOURI and its Doha-born designer Lama El-Moatassem. The treasure is an essence that is being lost in the glamour and light of fashion.  It’s called luxury.

Luxury has an eloquent selective process that takes you through time. It travels to scarcity and brings back exclusivity to be embodied in shyness. It is the layer beneath the numerous hours a craftsman spends on a garment in an Atelier and the intensive hours in the making of an exquisite fabric or the endurance of it through time. The result is the experience of this journey delivered when the garment is worn.

When TOUJOURI began in 2010, it revived the essence of luxury through heritage with garments such as the caftan. TOUJOURI’s development process is quite intimate. It begins as a reflection from Lama EL-Moatassem’s view of the world through inspiration. It then follows the selective and careful process of that inspiration.

TOUJOURI’S Resort Wear 2013 is a confirmation of their platform and the essence of luxury. Lama El-Moatassem in collaboration with ATELIER-MAYER takes us back in time to bring back original prints from the 60’s and 70’s. The journey ends as an experience embodiment of vintage pieces in modernity.

Feature Editor: Sadeel Allam, A modest style blogger with an appreciation for style diversity, cultures and simplicity

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