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Featured on Haute Arabia today is ‘Bleach’, an abaya influenced brand; Established to express the many roles of a modern woman – the brand is one that has is bleaching the boundaries between convention, style and modern practicality. The Capsule 12/13 collection includes an array of styles including head turning Abayas as well as the designer’s signature Mix-and- Match, Two-Pieces.

Bleach is designed by Emirati Designer Badreya Al-A. Having spent years living in the UK, Italy and Spain broadening her skills in all genres of art dear to her, her designs have ever since been noted for their minimalist, eccentric and innovative style.


Khansa (HA): Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up and what have you studied?

Badreya: Well, I am from Abu Dhabi but have lived in Dubai most of my life, until graduating from university, that was split between here and London learning graphic design and film making. After that I moved to Italy to study Car Design with Lamborghini while informally learning about fashion throughout the year, and then I moved to Spain for some time to learn the language and the arts of that beautiful country.


Khansa (HA): Looks like there were lots of art inspiration moments in your life! How did Bleach come into being?

Badreya: I had officially gotten into fashion in 2009 with what I consider my self-educating experiment and research. It was an experience that, along with many influential others, made me the designer I am today. When I decided to give retail a chance, as opposed to online, my very first client made one suggestion to me that opened my eyes to the potential and the appeal my designs had on a good percentage of people who came across them. And that made me decide to give 110% percent to starting a fashion label that represents who I am now, in design, learnings and character, which to me BLEACH fulfills to perfection.


Khansa (HA): Sounds Interesting! Tell us about your next step. What do you want to achieve professionally?

Badreya: I want BLEACH to be recognized as a respectable regional label that caters to many mindsets that think beyond the typical.


Khansa (HA): Who do you want to work with? Any favorite designers/artists?

Badreya: I have been an avid admirer of Antonio Marras, Stella Mccartney, Stefano Dolce & Domenico Gabbana, and the Marchesa beauties for many years, it would be the ultimate dream to work with them one day.



Khansa (HA): So true, their designs are such stunners! Am interested to witness a collaboration of  yours with one of these designers to see what unique ideas you would come up with together! What’s hot and what’s in this season?

Badreya: Character, style, confidence and a modest nature… throw anything on that and you have a killer look that goes beyond the seasons hottest.


Khansa (HA): Now, that is a statement I would like to carry around! Tell us about your new collection.

Badreya: The most common factor across the collection is the Abaya fabric using in every piece. My other textiles of choice for the first collection were jewel-toned raw silks and lace. The Capsule 12/13 Collection offers reversible Abayas that are dress-like when belted with our BLEACH gold belt, and also offers Abaya-Inspired looks made of peplum tops and skirts, and  various styles of harem pants. The highlight of the collection has to be the detail in the embroidery and the versatility that comes with the Mix-and-Match concept.


Khansa (HA): What inspires you?

Badreya: Life, people, music, and every inch of this great earth that I have been fortunate enough to explore.


Khansa (HA): Which piece is your favorite?

Badreya: That’s not an easy one to answer, I love all my babies! But if I had to have favorites, they’d be the reversible Abayas, the embroidered harem pants, and the belted silk peplum tops.


Khansa (HA): What are some of your fashion goals?

Badreya: Seeing BLEACH in certain stores across our waters. Working alongside the greatest designers. Dressing my personal fashion icons and celebrity favorites, on their request.


Khansa (HA): What are your favorite colors to work with and why?

Badreya: So far I’ve been enjoying working with the blues and the maroons. There’s something regally chic about them.


Khansa (HA): There sure is! How would you define your personal style?

Badreya: Bohemian luxe, undoubtedly.


Khansa (HA): What are some of your accomplishments as a designer?

Badreya: The most important accomplishment has to be the launch of BLEACH and getting it into stores that I am proud to be associated with. The other would be that I have been in fashion for almost 5 years and I have every intention to keep at it. Go big or go home, right?


Khansa (HA): Do you have a muse?

Badreya: My sisters… they inspire everything about my existence.


Khansa (HA): That’s warm! How do you set themes for your design?

Badreya: It all starts a little randomly at first, sketching every design in mind over weeks or months, but when it is time to put a collection together, I gather my sketches and my thoughts, and group and link the designs till they represent a cohesive collection.


Khansa (HA): Talk to us about your tailoring techniques. What should we look for to get the perfect abaya?

Badreya: For me it’s all about the seam. For an Abaya or any garment to be perfect, I would look at the finish on the inside of it. That’s where I fall in love… quality first.


Khansa (HA):  So true! Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Badreya: It’s really hard to say. This question never appealed to me since I am personally not a fan of over planning. I like my future just as I like my travels, unplanned and continuously exciting. Aside from that all I can tell is I have great ambition and dream that wherever I may be in my life, I continue to offer only my best.


Khansa (HA): How would you define your city’s fashion?

Badreya: This magical city has a serious following of its designer label offerings… but has been reinventing itself as an international fashion destination since its introduction of multi-brand boutiques that allow everyone to dress for their personalities, and not just trends.


Khansa (HA): Fashion advice:


  • Do’s: Venture into the worlds all designers have to offer, not just the big labels. And do learn to dress for your shape, so important.
  • Don’ts: Follow any trend or folk blindly.


 IT was a pleasure having you on-board Haute Arabia! WE will be waiting to see more of your collections! Good Luck ! Until Next Time!


Feature Editor: Khansa AJ


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