Haute Look of the Day – Man

In our series on Haute Arabia man we have selected an ultimate collection of looks that we’re sure every man will love. Inspired by Arabian/Islamic heritage with the clean sharp lines this offers we combine a touch of fun colour and contemporary style. With the skull trend in mainstream lines we love these shoes by Alexander MQueen which we’re sure will be an all-time classic you will not be able to get again.

The Santiago Gonzalez collection offers a wonderful burst of blue and luxury  and for your comfort of the practicality of this piece you should know Santiago Gonzalez bases the designs of his eponymous accessories label on items he has used and travelled with for over a decade. The Robert Piguet Oud is a personal favourite and one I am commented on every time I step out with this scent. The strength and sheer richness of this scent makes this an all-time unisex classic.

Finally the ensemble is completed with a classic polka dot silk scarf by the Queen of England’s finest. Founded in 1977 by Michael Drake, Jeremy Hull and Isabel Dickson, the original Drakes collection was comprised of mens quality scarves.  A range of English handmade ties and printed silk handkerchiefs quickly followed, and today Drakes is the largest independent producer of handmade ties in England.  Over the years the company has won prestigious accolades for design and export achievement, including the Queen’s Award for Export and the UK Fashion Export Gold Award for Outstanding Export Achievement.  Drake’s scarf is now available for £250. The original vision and ethos for the company – to be truly international in terms of sales, with collections designed for a select range of luxury shops from the most conservative to the most fashionable world wide – is the same today as it was then. Drakes continues to eschew the drama of mere gesture so prevalent today, believing that true luxury is indeed the comprehension of quality.

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