At the International Jewellery Salon Exhibition | Jeddah, KSA

If you love jewellery like me you’ll be excited to come and see for yourself the most stunning and exquisite pieces of jewellery on display at the annual International Jewelry Exhibition in Jeddah.   Masters in the field were on site displaying divine pieces each of which is sufficient to take your breath away…


I was fixated at BOGH-ART where the Titanium fiber flower ring sparkled at me in it’s delicate and dainty form and  diamond encrusted diameters on each petal. Price – 60,000 Saudi Riyals and there was quite a crowd around it. This wasn’t the show stopper however, that was the diamond necklace  inspired by  The Taj Mahal onto which precious and semi-precious stones were inlaid into marble at a price of approximately SAR 1.5 million.


For discerning jewellery lovers and for those with a taste for flawless exquisite pieces, the  Jewellery Salon Exhibition in Jeddah is the place to be.


International and regional jewellers were on site. However, some prominent names were missing and one wonders why … in the Bride of the Red Sea – Jeddah … you’d expect to see the region’s most prominent jewelers on site …like Fitaihi, Al Fardan, Mouawwad, and many others. Young Saudi jewellery designers are taking center stage and their pieces are causing a stir amongst not only their peers but also the distinguished older generation previously used to  complete sets and collections and today looking into pieces of unique jewellery which have become a form of art that expresses their individuality.


I walked through the beautiful collection by Dana Al Alami Jewels who attended after having just returned from the Qatar show where she took part with leaders in the industry. Her delicate pieces bring out the romantic essence and her designs appeal to all ages. Her distinctive style has created a niche in the market for unique and quirky trends.

Also from Saudi Arabia Charmaleena presented a wonderful collection and it seemed that young Saudi designers have been setting the tone for rings and delicate jewellery pieces.


From Ali bin Ali to Faberge, GRAFF diamonds Chatila, Charles Doudin, Jade Jewelry, Avakian, Kooheji Jewelry and many more the show oozes with creativity and splendour, don’t miss it!

A clip from the 2012 Exhibition


Feature Editor: Sarah Al Ayed

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