Reconstructing Elegance | MIMOSA Luxury Resort 2013

Dubai based brand MIMOSA opens the doors to the palace chambers of the first Persian King, Cyrus the great, with its luxury Resort 2013 Collection. The collection takes us through the delicacy and richness of embellished pure silk embodied with high end Swarovski crystals, the freshness of nature and butterfly motifs that remind us of the early forms of art in Persia. We also see the integration of color and the clean lines of Persian mosaic art tile. The collection borrows draping and peplum perhaps from Greece’s conquest. The garments are fluid contemporary elegance with inherited history that adapt through time for the global woman.






The brand is currently stocking in some of the prestigious stores in the region (Harvey Nichols, Kuwait;  Salaam Studio & Stores, UAE; Valleydez -Dubai; Mimosa – KSA; Lillies – Jeddah; Designer’s Lounge – Kuwait; Babyfair, Bahrain; Fashflare, Riyadh; Boutique Reemash, Riyadh; Jolie, Abu Dhabi etc.).

Feature Editor: Sadeel Allam

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