Editor’s Pick ~ The Première by Chanel

The Première is another icon, recognisable at a glance. Based on the legendary silhouette of the N°5 perfume bottle stopper and the geometric proportions of the Place Vendôme, CHANEL’s home, its octagonal case with sapphire crystal with faceted edges is a historic encapsulation of CHANEL’s highly symbolic values.

The Première is a pioneer in a myriad of ways. Its birth marked CHANEL’s first steps in the world of watchmaking thus the name. Inspired by the ingénu aestheticism of the 1930s, its contemporary allure evokes the simplicity so close to Mademoiselle Chanel’s heart.

The 12 watches are similar to the original, which launched in 1987. The new version is slightly larger with a 28 millimetre case instead of 26 —and you can adjust the chain bracelet yourself at home (instead of having to come into the boutique for the service).

Now available at Chanel boutiques from $4,300 to $28,500.

Watch Chanel’s interactive video campaign and the great video – living the Première.

Let us know your thoughts, what do you think of this classic piece reinvented? Would you?

Living the Premiere
The Film


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