What is exclusivity without a personal touch? There was a time when it was popular for an individual to instruct an atelier in personalizing a garment.  When?  It was in the 18th Century during the commencement of  Haute Couture.  It’s not hard to imagine those days because stories have been preserved throughout time in the quality of garments that have stood the test of time.

 We forward to the 21st century to a brand that has put the opulence in exclusivity.  In 2007 LABASAH, UAE based, became the first abaya brand in the Middle East to offer the heritage of haute couture in personalized visits to a client’s home.  A privileged service that is individualized and results in an identity embedded in a garment. They have brought the existence of two worlds in one; the primal essence of haute couture and an older world that begin centuries before; Arabia.

LABASAH’s style may be described avant-garde with a blue-print of Arab heritage. But, what is the most intriguing and where the suspense lies at is in LABASAH’s essence embodied in the DNA of a client’s style and specifications and only the personage surrounding them will ever know that. LABASAH extends itself to a ready-made collection as well. Their past collections may be described from delicate to enchanting. What they have next, is something to really be dreamy about because nonconformity has only one identity.

Spring/Summer 2011
Spring/Summer 2011
Spring/Summer 2012
Spring/Summer 2012


Pre-Fall 2012
Pre-Fall 2012


photo credits: LABASAH

Feature Editor: Sadeel Allam

3 thoughts on “LOOKING BACK – LABASAH

  1. please let me know where can i find those beautiful mens clothes in internet.i want to buy some of you shirts and pullovers.pleas tell me link of your shop online.thanks.


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