Meeting Haya Sunaidi

“Attending jewelry shows and seeing the exquisite gems on display is like a child’s visit to Disney Land,” said Haya Sunaidi CEO of Reed Sunaidi Exhibition.    “Women love jewelry and what a perfect opportunity it is for them to see such a stunning array of intricate pieces from all around the world.  Top jewelry brands, designers and budding young ladies all coming together at an event that is set up to give you the feel of entering into a classic elegant salon.”

Haya Sunaidi

This is how my conversation started with Haya Sunaidi who heads Reed Sunaidi Exhibitions.  We had an interesting conversation about the development of the exhibition industry and what women these days were interested in specifically.

“People are interested in seeing what’s new, unique that isn’t available daily.  Engagement is also key that’s why it’s not about having an exhibition but also what the exhibition has to offer.  One of the unique elements was having lectures delivered by specialists from GIA and Christies throughout the three days.”

“From How to Buy Jewelry, Knowing Your Gemstones, Pearls and Emeralds- the sessions were a huge success and the daily attendance was astounding with no less than 40 ladies taking part.  Education is key and knowing what suits her, how to take care of her jewelry piece, knowing the different cuts and styles is something each women should know.”

“My passion for jewelry and the intricate details of this industry is massive and there’s a huge pool of talent in Saudi Arabia that I hope to see reaching great heights.  One of our initiatives is to annually allow 3 – 4 budding young designers and opportunity to showcase their pieces during the exhibition.  Through the Jewelry Salon Exhibition they are able to launch their brand to the discerning public that attends each year. “

 Previously she worked in the fashion retail industry representing top brands in Saudi Arabia; Five years ago she moved to exhibition organization and has signed a joint venture with REED Expo one of the leading international exhibition companies.  Reed Expo chose to work with Haya Sunaidi setting the pace for dynamic and innovative exhibitions in Saudi Arabia.   Reed Sunaidi Exhibition is currently preparing for the upcoming Mother, Baby and Kids Expo that will take place in Jeddah during this month.

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