Resort of the Week | The Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa

As gondolas on Venetian akin waterways transport you into a paradise of amenities in breathtaking European style, the Marriot Desert Resort and Spa is a decadent experience certain to tailor to your travel needs. Thriving from the heart of the “Valley of Winners” in Southern California this Resort and Spa is part of a larger desert oasis community that boasts over 110 golf courses, natural hot springs, 330 days a year of sunshine and sunset views illuminating the deserts incomparable magnificence. The Marriot Desert Resort and Spa in Palm Desert radiates from this tourist epicenter to create the perfect destination for rest and relaxation.



The facility offers over 50 suites overlooking the Santa Rosa Mountains with a list of activities and amenities that reads like an avid dream. Guests have access to one of the top ten tennis courts in the United States, two 18- hole championship golf courses, hot and cold plunge pools, Turkish and Finnish steam rooms, a private spa, fitness facilities and remarkable landscaping.  Access to nightlife and local family entertainment including casinos and local funfairs is just a short drive away, making this destination a place for travelers to enjoy opulence in scenery, service and entertainment in the warm sun.






Written by : Hajar (Diamond Clark)

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