Let’s talk Contemporary | Haal,Inc.

Balance is key. Wouldn’t you agree? Harmony of the accustomed with the new is the scent of Haal, Inc. Just as the root meaning of their name states, it is distinction that sets this label apart. Their lines are clean and the minimalistic aura it cloaks itself is definitely a tease to the traditional and a provocation to the normal.  There is something also heroine and playful about Haal’s abayas that captures youth and makes it stand still. Who wouldn’t like that? The ladies behind this young label are no strangers to sophistication, innovative necklines, and asymmetrical dares of color and cut. Haal, Inc. is the sister to established label Sotra and just as a sister looks up to another sister, you can see their introspective family characteristic reign beneath their boldness.  Haal’s audacious aroma blends have grown to be a wardrobe staple to the brave women of both the traditional and unaccustomed realms who rather let their garments make the statement. As a Latin proverb says, “Fortune favorites the bold”

Haal, Inc. is based in Saudi Arabia. www.haalinc.com





photo credits: Haal, Inc.

Feature Editor: Sadeel Allam

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