Editor’s Pick | Sleysla’s Clutch Purse

104I was attending the Sleysla Annual Fashion Show when I saw a purple clutch from where I couldn’t move my eyes away.  A deep rich purple with a traditional gold motif, the clutch purse is one that can be worn at all times complementing any outfit.  Suitable for a morning outing or a gala evening event it is chic and exquisite adding glamour to any ensemble.

Crafted and hand made by under privileged young women at the Sleysla Center for Modernized Traditional Handicrafts, the center is part of the Al Faisaliyah Women’s Welfare Society.  Sleysla has become a brand name for traditional pieces fashioned with  modern flair. Each year the center launches jewellery, purses and women’s thobes taking conventional pieces of materials and reworking them with a novel twist for the trendy fashion scene.

This year Sleysla launched the 2013 Spring / Summer purse collection during the 2nd Hawiyah Annual Fashion Show with the clutch style being the predominant bag design- weaving local materials such as fronds and traditional yarns and threads to develop the intricate designs with impeccable finishing.  The collection can be viewed at the Sleysla Center in Jeddah.




Feature Editor: Sarah Al Ayed

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