Super Facials by Hafsa Issa-Salwe

Gone are the days where facials are basic with a simple cleanse, exfoliation and extraction. Nowadays you’ll find that facials feature the latest and most advanced technology such as liquid gold to brighten the complexion, deep facial massage with the finest oils and even caviar. Wherever you are in the world be it Dubai, London or New York, book an appointment, sit back and let the facialist work her magic:facials-2

London – Sarah Chapman Enhanced Collagen Boosting Treatment

This treatment at the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Clinic in the exclusive Knightsbridge is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment to dramatically lift, sculpt, plump and regenerate the skin. The facial combines advanced micro-needling and Steam Cell Collagen Activator which is a blend of four carefully cultivated botanical stem cells and eight collagen boosting peptides to get deep into the dermal layers of the skin. The skin is deeply cleansed to remove dead skin cells and create the optimum surface for high performance serums, then a needling tool is lightly rolled over the face, neck and chest to aid the regeneration of the skin. This is followed by the hydrating Nano Cell mask, Chin and Jaw Lift mask and Omnilux LED light therapy with red light which is known to have profound collagen boosting, volumising, reparative and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.

You can take away a piece of the facial home with you as you’ll get a vial of Stem Cell Collagen Activator, an elixir with sea holly, sea fennel, argan and gardenia to continue the collagen boosting and regenerating process long after the facial.

Dubai – UMO Gold Facial at Sisters Beauty Lounge

It’s not every day that you get to use 24 carat gold on your face, but this super luxury facial at the Sisters Beauty Lounge, a little piece of calm amongst the hustle and bustle of Dubai Mall will leave you nothing short of in awe. A deep cleansing, lymph drainage massage and cold steam open up the pores to prepare the skin to receive the benefits of the mineral rich gold mask. Although we can’t guarantee a golden complexion we can most definitely guarantee super soft and glowing skin.

New York – Reparative Caviar & Oxygen Quench Facial by Cornelia Spa at the Surrey

In the Upper East Side of New York is the Cornelia Spa at The Surrey, a hot beauty destination for spa-loving New Yorkers, and with good reason – the Reparative Caviar & Oxygen Quench Facial being one of them. The deeply hydrating facial involves exfoliation with seaweed and sea mud followed by the Caviar Masque to repair and reveal new skin. And if one mask wasn’t enough, there’s also an Oxygen Enrichment Masque with liquid oxygen to feed the skin with a much needed infusion of fresh air. To end things a stem cell serum is used to encourage cell regeneration.

London – Complexion Perfection Facial by Spa Fabulous

The Complexion Perfection Facial developed by Spa Fabulous’ founder Neena Trehan is the meeting point between high tech and natural skincare. A renowned facialist personally trained by co-founder of Elemis, Neena delivers instant and noticeable results. To start, the skin is double cleansed – first to remove any makeup and SPF and the second cleanse to prepare the skin for the facial. This is then followed by facial massage with a selection of Spa Fabulous oils including Bliss for Your Skin, a facial oil packed with a skin plumping, brightening and soothing mix of pure Persian rose, frankincense, rosehip seed and jojoba oils.

After massage comes the electrical element of the facial. Neena has developed a bespoke vacuum suction machine with its power ranging between gentle to intense in order to enhance the effects of the products used during the facial. The marriage between technology and Spa Fabulous’ organic products leaves the skin with such a glow that celebrities including Lisa Snowdon are fans.

By Hafsa Issa-Salwe

Procter & Gamble Beauty and Grooming Awards 2012 (Best Indie Blog Winner)
Marie Claire Blog & Twitter Awards (Best Beauty Blog 2012 Nominee)
Cosmopolitan Blog Awards (Best New Beauty Blog 2011 Nominee)
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