Get the Arabian Look

Summer is the only time when you can get a beautiful sun-kissed complexion which you can highlight with the right makeup. A little bronzer on the cheeks, a subtle gloss on your lips to give them a hint of shimmer and strong yet feminine eye makeup are the perfect ingredients to having a dashing look.

As an Arab girl, I’m a big fan of smokey eye makeup. Brought to attention by Arab divas, such as Elissa and Haifa Wehbe, smokey eye-makeup has become the new hot thing since forever. Personally, I used to play it safe with using black eye shadow which I blended with other colors to have a dramatic look. However, I have discovered that I can still have the same enigmatic sense with bronze shades which go perfectly with summer tans.


Last week, I got the chance to try on a practical eye shadow kit from The Body Shop. The “Baked Eye Color”, which comes in two copper shades, is very easy to blend. You can use your finger tips or you can use a simple brush to spread the shade on your lids in whatever ways you want. Personally, I’d spread the lighter color on my whole eyelid, and then use the darker shade on the outer corner of my lids. You can mix the two colors together to get an intermediate shade for a more dramatic look.

The best thing about golden smokey eye makeup is that it goes perfectly with all eye colors. You don’t have to worry if you are going to look weird or too much, especially because no black is involved. Still, you can use black eye liner to create a cat eye which will be dazzling with a red lipstick for a timeless retro look.


Give it a try yourself and let me know if you loved your new look!

Feature Editor: Noha Rahhal 

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