Editor’s Pick | Naeema AlShuhail’s Zahra Dress (Giving, A Beautiful Feeling | Part 1)

Eid is the time of celebrations and the whole of Arabia looks forward to it every year!

The feast is full of generous portions of food, drinks and gifts, and each and every one is extremely frantic in shopping and getting prepared for this extraordinary event of Eid. Whether you’re hitting the town to visit your friends, or relaxing with the family in your own home, Eid this summer is the perfect season to freshen up your look with a few super stylish outfits.

Eid is a time to revel in your brand new outfits, the joy of giving and of course the culinary delights that await you after a month of abstinence. This year, the festive season coincides with the summer, therefore presenting some challenges. The question here is how we can be in vogue without letting the climate spoil things for us. Here is a lovely dress! This dress is a way to just take a step back and relax from all the couture craze without losing your style and drama.

As giving and receiving is the spirit everyone is in at this time of the year, Haute Arabia brings to you a very special way to contribute within the spirit of the upcoming season of spirituality. This dress from Naeema AlShuhail is very special. It is not only one that lets you embrace a beautiful dress, a beautiful look, but it is much more… It goes even deeper to embrace your inner being with the sense of helping and giving – a beautiful feeling, definitely. So how exactly does Naeema AlShuhail manage to do this?

This year, “Naeema AlShuhail” collaborates with Zahra Breast Cancer Association to design a special dress and vintage jacket to support the association’s cause:
Zahra Breast Cancer Association began 9 years ago raising awareness to the importance of early detection
and regular testing among women in Riyadh schools, universities, shopping malls and mosques.

Look beautiful and spend towards a good cause keeping yourself and many other potential people happy.

You can make this difference. Me and you and all of us can, buy your piece online now at HauteArabia.com


Shop this piece here

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