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Haute arabia’s brand ambassador Khadijah Shafiq speaks with the entrepreneurial duo – Najla-Al-Gahtani and Noor-Al-Mansoori of Talyfashion, who teamed up and fused their individual creative styles to create a dynamic combination of detail, luxury and tailoring within their eponymous label.
Khadija (HA): Najla Al Gahtani, you graduated in interior designing and Noor al Mansoori is a media person and here you both are in Fashion arena. Apparently the changeover seems irrelevant to what you studied, yet success has been generous in coming your way. Please share with our viewers how this came about?
Najla: Nothing can draw you to fashion, it comes within..I, Najla, was an art student and I strongly believe that it has helped me convey my cuts designs in a very effective manner.we exhibited our collection in 2010 in  Hya Exhibition Doha, Qatar …the appreciation & demand from people around us was a major factor that encouraged us to start our own line of clothing.

Khadija (HA):How would you describe your design style?
Najla: I generally avoid the cliché designs. Every creation of mine is different from the others.I want to keep my culture alive on an international level. It is very important for one to be able to correctly project what they have pictured, to the ones who are going to create it. So we mostly customize abaaya for our customers.

Khadija (HA):What are some of the essential ingredients needed to do well in the fashion industry?
Najla: To succeed in today’s fashion environment, one needs the following: a quality product which is delivered regularly and constantly to stockists. The product should be constantly evolving and changing, and be in sync with prevailing trends and fashion.
Khadija (HA): Apart from designing outfits, what else do you enjoy designing?
Najla: We enjoy doing interiors as well. However, we have not emerged into the market as yet, but again the freedom in creativity in this field is definitely attractive.

Khadija (HA): What fabric do you enjoy working with the most?
Najla: We enjoy fabrics that drape well. Not many people can pull off stiff materials.

Khadija (HA): Where do you get your design inspirations from ?
Najla: We can get our inspiration from anywhere or anything. A beautiful Persian rug or a colour combination of upholstery could inspire us. When you have the eye for fashion anything can inspire you!
Khadija (HA):Tell us about your process in designing a new collection?
Najla: We go about each and every piece individually. Once the first piece is put into process of manufacturing, we concentrate on the next design.

Khadija (HA): Has being a designer changed the way you buy outfits for yourself?
 Najla: It certainly has because it has given us a strong sense to recognize good quality work.
Khadija (HA): What is the one city in the world that you would showcase your designs?
Najla: In Dubai and later in Paris.

Khadija (HA): Do you follow any fashion blogger or any fellow fashion designers?
Najla: I follow all of them. Whatever whoever’s design looks good and unique I follow them. I follow DAS collection, Aishaz, WAAD designs. I was WAAD’s first customer before she started off her business . Once I met her sister she was wearing an abaya with colorful flowers designed by WAAD. I loved it and asked her sister that I want to meet WAAD and get an abaya designed by her. Then I met WAAD she showed me her fashion sketches but I trust her so much that by just looking at her sketches I ordered three abayas which she designed beautifully. I still have them and wear them. She is really talented.

Najla with her favourite pieces
Najla with her favourite pieces

Khadija (HA): Any projects underway?
Najla: Yes, I am designing a very special and limited abaya line for RAMADAN and EIDS.

Khadija (HA): If you get a chance to collaborate with a famous fashion designer who would it be?
Najla: My favorite designer is Ashi studio (Mohammad Ashi) an artistic fashion designer. I love how he works with the materials,the structure and detailings, absolutely amazing. I would love to work with him.

Khadija (HA): Some advice you would like to share with the young, up and coming designers?
Najla: There’s no particular road to success. Work hard but don’t forget to live, realize your strengths and follow your own perspective. It’s good to keep up with trends but never lose your individuality.
Khadija (HA): Is there anyone you would like to thank?
Najla: Yes, my family and specially my mother. She is always there for me. I am here because of their support.

Khadija (HA): Thank you so much for your time. It was great knowing you and Haute Arabia wishes you all the very best for future.
Najla: It was my pleasure. Thank you so much for publishing me.



















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