Empowering Women Globally, how you can help!


With a reach of over 80,000 per day across our platforms Haute Arabia has now listed 162 designers inspired by Arabia, featured over 80 designers, interviewed over 45, has visitors from over 49 countries and has now on-boarded 30 designers to our e-commerce platform.

Our vision is to facilitate the commercialisation of hundreds of new high quality fashion designers of conservative & modest design inspired by Arabian/Islamic heritage into the global market through access to a platform with the highest aggregated traffic for women globally and access to resources including financial and intellectual capital.

The M word as Yasmine Yasmine our feature editor put it on our recent live chat on Huffington Post at 17 mins 12 secs onwards http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/segment/hijab-fashion/51ad5b47fe34440cfe00057c is key.

M, money i.e. financial capital is a key component that is still absent in the landscape for women entrepreneurs, even moreso in industries like fashion which are much slower to attract investment.

We believe we should do something to build this capability ourselves and that’s what we’ve done. Now we need you to share this with the world.

The Haute Arabia Silver Membership Card gives you the opportunity to transform the landscape for women in business.

Every $ you spend go towards building a fund to offer interest free loans to support designers and who receive mentoring support from our team of designers, editors, buyers and commercial experts.

But that’s not all as an added incentive your money doesn’t just go to this immensely valuable project but you get it back and 2.5 x the value invested back per month in goody bags of the latest products released in the market. All we ask you to do is share the project and enjoy your products, let us know what you think of them , what you would change and what else you want to see in the market.

This programme enables us access to the largest number of female target market consumers through direct gifting to this market. It enables to obtain immediate access to market research and information on user practices.

And we get to build the only such fund existing in the world – to give support women anywhere in the world to build their business. Women receive one year of mentoring support as a silver member and will be entitled to the interest free loan after one full year of mentoring ensuring that they are taught how best to apply these funds and ensuring that the fund is not lost through negligent or ineffective use.

The more members, the more funds to invest back in women in business.

Share the Haute Arabia Silver Membership Plan and help us transform the landscape empowering women.

Haute Arabia Silver Membership

Our first months goodies were provided at a value of $60 for each member by Pinks Boutique. Members will be receiving these any day and we can’t wait to hear their reviews. Pinks Boutique is available on hautearabia.com.

About Pinks Boutique, the UK’s natural and organic luxury skincare brand. The brand of choice for the world’s best organic spa’s, see Aman Spa London who selected Pinks Boutique as their Spa product provider amongst many other top hotels in the world.

“We believe – and we’ve proved – that it’s entirely possible to deliver a complete range of 100% natural and organic products at the highest standard for spa use.”

To deliver the complete natural spa experience, we design and use natural accessories for all our signature treatments. A luxurious scrub treatment is not complete without its beautiful wooden bowl and spoon.


ethos - professional

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skincare_1Awards box13_-_manciure_inside_web_size

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