Backstage with Shiffa Dubai

Shiffa, meaning ‘healing’ in Arabic, is an organic luxury brand that combines nature with science. The brand, inspired by ancient Arabia, has been increasingly growing in the Middle East and internationally. One could argue it is the emerging haute couture of skincare products because it is customised to fulfil all of your basic skincare needs effectively. Shiffa like other brands we choose as our brands of choice is different as it does not only work on superficial beauty; it allows complete indulgence in the most luxurious sensations, sending the mind and body to a journey of serenity and wellbeing.

Shiffa was founded in 2004 by Dr. Lamees Hamdan, who graduated as a doctor from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Haute Arabia had the pleasure to meet Dr. Lamees to know more about her brand and products.shifaaprodictslamees

What was the motivation behind the brand and how did it all start?
Shiffa started at home when Dr. Lamees was pregnant with her first child and she could not find any effective and organic product to care for her sensitive skin and prevent stretch marks after pregnancy. Therefore, and based on her immense knowledge in dermatology, Dr. Lamees created her own pregnancy oil from natural ingredients and used it during her pregnancy and after the great efficacy of the oil, she started making it for family and friends who loved the product and encouraged her to create her own brand.
After the positive feedback and success of the pregnancy oil, Dr. Lamees decided to launch her product to all the women in the world, as well as making other highly unique and luxurious products.

Did Shiffa face any struggles during this great discovery journey?
Shiffa started from home and was very small. It was a struggle to obtain funding for a skincare brand in an environment that is male dominated, However, Shiffa grew in popularity and Dr. Lamees Hamdan was awarded the Best Business Leader and Best Health and Well Care organization in 2005. Shiffa was then able to secure a loan from the ‘Sheikh Mohammed Establishment for Young Business Leaders’ which marked a formal launch for the brand internationally.

What makes Shiffa different from other organic brands?
Although other competitive organic skincare brands use natural ingredients, the concentration of the ingredients is often not adequate for them to be truly effective. Shiffa products contain more than 20 active concentrated ingredients which are more effective and better absorbed by the skin.

What are the sources used by Shiffa Dubai to create their highly exclusive products?
We carefully source the best ingredients from all around the world. For example, our rose comes from Iran, jasmine from Egypt, orange blossom from Lebanon and shea butter from Africa.

Next steps for Shiffa?
Dr. Lamees told Haute Arabia that she is thankful for what she has become and for the great success of her brand. Her future plans include breaking into Europe and America so her products are available to people all over the world. She also plans to launch an organic make-up line as well as launching a perfume line especially that perfumery is an essential part of Arabic tradition.

Dr. Lamees’s dreams?
My dream is to become the Estee Lauder of the Middle East; And to contribute to the international community through my products.

And finally, any tips for Haute Arabia readers?
My main tip is to keep your skincare routine simple and not buy too many creams and products that you do not need or do not even have time to use. It is very important to cleanse twice before sleeping and moisturise face and neck daily. I recommend using Shiffa sweetness body lotion on your skin because it takes care of your skin whether it’s dry or oily.ShiffaSoap

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