Expert Advice | Nail Care

Kirstie Sheriff, founder of Pinks Boutique has here for you 5 simple tips on how to make yourself the owner of beautiful nails.

  1. Get your Gloves on

    No one likes cold hands. Apart from being chilly the cold slows blood circulation decreasing nail growth and shine. So wear gloves to keep warm and keep the blood flowing to those extremities. Also, make sure you use washing-up gloves. Your nails do not like over-exposure to water and cleaning agents; they all dry and dull your nail plates.

  2. Have a Break.

    Your nails tend to suffer in the early months of the year as you spend December in party mode, with glam-coloured nails. Take a break from nail varnish, UV polishes and nail hardeners as they dry out the nail plate leaving it lacking in shine and more likely to peel. Polishes and UV polishes are not good for your nails. After all, varnish is a dehydrating chemical and, just like your skin, your nails need moisture. Use the rest time to ply your nails with our rich Cuticle Oil and Pinks Boutique Hand Balm.

    If you nails suffer from peeling, breaking or flaking we would advise against using any varnish until the problem areas have been treated.

  3. Massage your Hands and Feet.

    Your nails will often look unhealthy and dull before anything else as they are on your extremities. Massaging your hands and feet is perfect for increasing circulation and aiding anti-ageing. Do it yourself, or better yet, get someone else to use our Pinks Boutique Indonesian Oil on your hands or Himalayan Oil to refresh and revive tired feet and tootsies.

  4. Scrub your Nails.

    Scrub your nails with fresh limes. Limes are anti-bacterial, whitening and freshening; perfect to combat winter dullness. You can achieve the same effect at home by using Pinks Boutique Organic Cuticle Oil, infused with our hero Rose Mosquetta Oil, full of omega acids and excellent for rebuilding cell membranes.

  5. Use Cuticle Oil

    The vast majority of cuticle oils are based on cheap almond oil which means they smell like marzipan. Look out instead for carrot oil, rose hip, evening primrose and jojoba. All of which are rich and nourishing (and nut-free). Although it comes in a small bottle, a drop of Pinks Boutique Cuticle Oil will cover all the fingers on one hand. Another sign of the concentration of goodness inside every Pinks Boutique Organic skincare product.

Get your Cuticle Oil here


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