Item of Conversation I SAMAH Abayas

Item of Conversation: SAMAH Abayas 

Your wardrobe accent is your piece of dialogue. A technicality fused of perspectives and thousand narrations. The equidistant muted voice embodied in a visual affair not afraid to stand alone.

The mature label SAMAH brings the Arab heritage to contemporary terms. Minimalism, dares of color and light hues on a classic platform are the dialogue of its pieces. At moments, the conversation halts at its patterns, bold necklines, avant-garde shoulder and sleeve singularities. Samah’s dialogue pieces take you from the linen covering desert heat to the lace softness of the night. Without surprise, SAMAH’s present pieces are an addition to its repertoire of elegance and practicality. Garments that narrate femininity with its counterpart but clearly vocalizing a woman of inner bold strength.

SAMAH is a matured Saudi Arabian label established in 2000 under the artistic hands of Samah Khashoggi. A label well recognized to the ‘Saudi Female society’ 

sama2sama6sama10sama20sama19sama18sama17sama16sama14sama12sama11  sama21sama22

Photography credits: SAMAH 

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