Haute Arabia’s Women of Arabia Style Stakes Icon No.5- Iman


Incomparable Beauty, Business Mogul, Fashion Icon and “Global Chic” Muse to some of the leading Fashion Designers of our century; it is with great pleasure that Haute Arabia heralds Iman as our Style Stakes Icon No.5. Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein, Issey Miyake, Donna Karan, Haltson and Yves Saint Laurent all agree that supermodel Iman, Born Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid, has forever changed the face of the fashion world as we know it and continues to be an inspiration to us all. 

Iman has become a household name over the years with her branding empire of cosmetics, clothing design, film and television. Yet in 1955, she was simply a beautiful baby girl born to parents Marian and Mohamed Abdulmajid. Her father a diplomat and her mother a gynecologist, Iman was one of five siblings growing up in Mogadishu, Somalia. She would later travel to Egypt to attend high school and then Kenya to pursue a degree at the University of Nairobi, where a chance encounter with American Photographer Peter Beard would change her life forever.


It was the prominent Photographer Peter Beard who first discovered supermodel Iman in Kenya. After negotiating a deal to take her picture in exchange for paying her school tuition, Peter would inspire Iman to pursue a career in modeling. Iman would later move to the United States, taking her first modeling assignment with Vogue magazine in 1976. She became an instant success emerging as a global supermodel, landing the cover of the most prestigious magazines and being in non stop demand of the most notable photographers and designers of our time.

Washington Post Writer, Robin Givhan, has spoken of Iman and declared “She broadened the definition of beauty,” a note that the western world surely herald in the late 1970s and the 1980s. Iman has been described as alluring, enchanting, and exotic to the fashion world. Yet, she insists her looks are merely Somali, a representation of beauty found all over in the Arab world. Her reign as Supermodel would go on to last almost two decades and today Iman remains forever strong in our eyes as a style icon and Business Mogul with Iman Cosmetics and her Global Chic Clothing Design Line. Iman’s first collection for Global Chic premiered embroidered one size fits all caftans, merging Arab traditional dress with western flair and would lead her line to be one of the four best selling items of the widely popular HSN shopping network.

Yves Saint Laurent is noted for stating, “My dream woman is Iman” and she has gone on to be a dream inspiration for many young women around the world with an eye for fashion and the drive to succeed. In addition to her mark on the beauty world, Iman is a notable Humanitarian with initiatives like the Keep a Child Alive Program, Children’s Defense Fund and the Enough Project to end the global trade in conflict minerals. In June 2010, The Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded Iman with the Fashion Icon lifetime achievement award. Today, Haute Arabia honors Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid as our style stakes Icon No.5…Global Chic.





Feature Editor: Diamond Hajar

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