Runway Beauty: A Touch of Frost

photo 1  photo 3 

Frosted lips are back… Now there’s something I’d never thought I’d say! Frosted lipsticks once haunted makeup bags throughout the 90’s. Along with the grunge era came mean, dark and vampy purples, browns and even black with iridescent hints. Think Foxy Brown, Drew Barrymore, Aaliyah circa Back and Forth and TLC. I assumed that frosted lips would stay in the 90’s and never come back, for good this time. No matter how much of a good idea it seemed back then a pearlescent pout became the source of much cringing when most women look back at old photos. But there’s nothing embarrassing here at Dior’s Haute Couture Fall 2013 show, with a revised look. Frosted lips are paired with pearls, minimal eyes, skin highlighted in all of the right places and killer cheekbones. The teen staple of the past is back, but grown-up. 

dior frosted lips photo 2

To recreate this look by the Pat McGrath first prime the lips with a hydrating lip balm like the by Terry Baume De Rose, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream or Creme de la Mer The Lip Balm, the eyeshadow and pigments you’ll be using soon will be quite drying so it’s important to make sure that the lips are moisturised as much as possible. The second step can go two ways: either simply go for a frosted lipstick, MAC have a great selection like TanaramaChintz and Bronze Shimmer or you enhance an already frosty lipstick like MAC’s CB96 by dabbing a shimmery eye pigment like Lumiere Cosmetics’ Desert Sun over the lips. Have fun with experimenting and finding the perfect lipstick and eyeshadow/pigment duo; look for eye shadows with metallic undertones to give it that great frost this fall.

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