Resort of the Week | Forte Village Resort

Forte Village is a hotel complex consisting of 7 hotels with rooms and bungalows surrounded by 25 hectares of luxuriant vegetation, 7 hotels, 3 and complex of suites overlooking the sea, a team of qualified professionals at your service, modern state-of-the-art technology and 18 meeting rooms of various sizes. World’s Leading Resort since 1998, the structure offers its guests a wide choice of restaurants and bars, equipped areas for sport and entertainment. The Forte Village stands at only 45 km from Cagliari, immersed in a landscape of untouched wilderness and beauty, in a true oasis of peace and relaxation overlooking the south sea of Sardinia. In Sardinia you can expect sun, sea, history and unbeatable dishes. Forte Village Resort will provide all the rest. With eight top-class hotels to choose from, you will be able to satisfy the whole family, children included.

Forte Village status as an internationally recognised culinary destination is confirmed by the presence of three Michelin-starred chefs, each offering an elegant collection of signature dishes. other gourmet restaurants maintain similarly high standards, serving refined Italian and international cuisine in the most creative and light variations.
If you are in search of relaxation, well-being and thalasso treatments, this experience is done for you. We know how much you care about your body and your soul. Only at Forte Village Resort can you treat yourself to our unique thalassotherapy method, based around six seawater pools at different temperatures with varying salt concentrations.
And only at Forte Village Resort you can combine these world-exclusive thalasso therapies with massages and treatments at the hands of highly trained professionals.
You will also experience some special treatments for you and your partner, accompanied by a dietetic menu. A few days at Forte Village Resort will regenerate your body and your soul. They also have a Turkish bath, a sauna and an elegant health bar where you can choose from a wide range of energizing, detoxing herbal teas after your treatments

Moreover They offer Doctor Ali’s philosophy of good health and wellbeing is based on an integrated approach that focuses on prevention and healing, rather than just disease and treatment. He believes that the power to live a long and healthy life is within all of us and that we have a responsibility to maintain good health. He helps achieve this through the four principles of nutrition, exercise, relaxation and massage.
Combining Ayurvedic medicine with naturopathy and yoga, Dr Ali’s treatments help restore the body’s ideal weight and energy levels through a series of exercises, relaxation techniques, yoga sessions and exclusive massages.
A leading international expert in Integrated Medicine, Doctor Ali’s work is recognised around the world. His patients include Prince Charles and other famous figures including the Sultan of Oman, Richard Branson, Michael Douglas, Claudia Schiffer, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Boris Becker, Colin Montgomery and Samuel L. Jackson.

Feature Editor: Khadijah Shafiq

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