A worthy cause | LAS Fashion

27th June in Doha saw LAS Fashion, a leading local fashion house, holding their much awaited charity fashion show titled “Raising Hope for Bangladesh”  at the Grand Regal Hotel at 8pm, to support the south Asian country’s textile industry, to raise aid for the victims of the Savar Tragedy that claimed the lives of 1,127 people and injured 2,500 as well as for homeless children in Bangladesh.

The Fashion event showcased exclusive creations from the Designer’s CindyLayla Collection.

Speaking at a press conference before the event, LAS Fashion House founder and designer Mrs. Layla Asgar Siyabi said: “Together with the help of our partner, Creative Nation GCC, and sponsors such as Helmet Management, Trinity Qatar, GLAM magazine, Snips Salon, HD Productions, Grand Regal Hotel and many more, I’m able to give back to a community that plays a big part in the success of fashion”.

There was also a POPART exhibition by artist Assil Diab who auctioned her work and sold a few of her paintings.

Regarding the inspiration behind the show, Mrs. Siyabi said: “The materials I use for fabrics are mostly imported from Bangladesh. I realized that we rely on those countries for resources but we usually do not give back as much. That’s why I thought that if I’m going to be representing my country in the fashion world, and then I will also be representing my country in supporting Bangladesh, and its factory workers”.

Local designers can play a role in supporting the textile industry and its workers, Siyabi pointed out. “If they decide to do business in other countries, they should check out the factories, evaluate workers’ safety and their working conditions. As a designer you should feel good at the end of the day that your hard work is not somebody else’s sweat going down the drain”, she said.
The event ended with one of the creations from the CindyLayla collection being auctioned for the same cause.

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