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Eid Macaron Gift Boxes & Competition from BOBO Macarons

Guest List? Check. Decorations? Check. Servingware? Check. Food? Check. Desserts? Check. Gifts… Gifts?!

With Eid coming just around the corner, you are no doubt very busy in preparing to celebrate the close of this most blessed and uplifting Ramadan with family, friends, and the rest of the community. While all of your other plans may be going smoothly, perhaps you are a little stumped on gifts. Gift buying can be a harrowing experience at times, especially when buying gifts for a special occasion or the person that seems to have everything. But this Eid, Haute Arabia has you covered. If you are looking for a gift that speaks from the heart with a personal touch, check out the new Eid Gift Boxes from BOBO Macarons!

BOBO Macarons, which opened Spring 2010, has the honor of being the first company in London to offer custom macarons with personalised messages and designs. Securely packaged and colourfully adorned, the new Eid Gift Boxes are a great way to show you care and add a splash of colour to any event. BOBO’s concept is unique not only because their macarons look luxurious, but also because they taste luxurious, since they are based on an ancestral French recipe. Building upon this honored foundation, BOBO adds Middle-Eastern and North-African flavours, creating an amazing palette of flavour. All BOBO macarons are Halal, Alcohol-Free, and suitable for vegetarians. Now everyone can enjoy these delightful treats!

BOBO Macarons Eid 2013

BOBO offers the following boxes:

The BOBO Eid Gift Boxes:

  • Baraka (Mini Clear) Box: 4 Macarons (1 custom) + 1 Eid Card – £9,00
  • Jameel Box: 8 Macarons (plain + 2 custom Eid macarons) + 1 Eid Cards – £19,00
  • Salamat Box: 12 Macarons (8 plain + 4 Eid custom macarons) + 1 Eid Card – £25,00
  • Ne’ma Box: 18 Macarons (12 plain + 6 custom macarons) and + 2 Eid cards – £32,00
  • Hafla Tower: 24 Macarons (18 plain + 6 custom ) + 2 Eid Cards + 1 offered – £55,00

The BOBO Full-Printed Eid Gift Boxes:

  • Halawa Box: 10 Custom Eid macarons – £27,50
  • Ya Amar Box: 15 Custom Eid macarons –  £39,50

Each BOBO Eid Gift Box also includes:

  • 1 to 6 printed macarons with “Eid Mubarak” in Arabic and/or English
  • 1 to 2 ‘Eid Mubarak’ cards

If you need more Eid cards, you can add as many as you wish. Each additional Eid card is £2,00.

Order yours today, exclusively at Haute Arabia! For custom orders, please contact BOBO Macarons directly at 0044 7572 457828 or

Oh and don’t forget we’re hosting a special competition launching today for 24 hours, name a flavour you would most like to taste – one that’s not already available at BOBO Macarons and if the Chef chooses your flavour we will send you out one box for Eid!

We’re offering two creative people the chance to win – so get suggesting!

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