1001 ABAYAS: Elegance Redefined

Buying a new abaya can be an exciting or depressing experience, depending on the fashion options at your local stores. Some stores have excellent buyers who select a balanced collection of garments that meet their customers desires, from classic elegance to over-the-top glamour. But for some of us, online boutiques are our only havens of sanity and sensibility, where we can find exactly what we want at any time. To be honest, many of the local shops I have visited in my area seem to enjoy stocking poorly designed closed-front abayat with gaudy rhinestone and sequin designs or painfully plain abayat with shoulder pads. Many times, all you want is an elegant abaya. And I have found a lovely brand with a mission of providing this kind of elegance to all of their clients. Meet sisters-in-law Mariam and Safa — the fashion duo behind 1001 ABAYAS.


Meet sisters-in-law Mariam and Safa, the fashion duo behind 1001 ABAYAS
Mariam and Safa, the fashion duo behind 1001 ABAYAS


Based in Dubai, Mariam and Safa have crafted unique abaya styles from their rich fusion of traditional and modern influences since 2007. Inspired by the famous 1001 Arabian Nights stories, 1001 ABAYAS is an elegant collection of smartly designed abayat that can easily go from everyday outings to special occasion events. The fashion duo believes the 1001 Woman is elegant and fashion-forward, dressing to impress while remaining within the boundaries of modesty and culture. As they so aptly put it, “we do not follow fashion, we create it…and if you think a 1001 abaya is just an abaya, think twice and treat yourself to a dose of sheer luxury.”

I absolutely love this brand! It may sound cliche, but this is one of the most elegant Emirati abayat collections I have discovered in quite some time. I can definitely see my wardrobe being full of abayat from 1001 ABAYAS. Check out more pieces from their latest collection below:





For orders, please contact 1001 ABAYAS directly by phone +971 50 1000123 and email. Stay updated on news and new 1001 ABAYAS collections by visiting their website, liking their Facebook page, and following them on Instagram and Twitter.

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