Resort of the Week | Duni Marina Royal Palace, Bulgaria

Duni Marina Royal Palace Bulgaria is a beautiful destination offering an outstanding landscapes and amazing hospitality.

Located in Southeastern Europe as a part of the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is one of the historical countries of the world. If you are a newly married couple and are looking for an outstanding and calming escape for your honeymoon, the Duni Marina Royal Palace in Bulgaria is your perfect destination. It is a collection of many luxurious hotels and villas that hold the charm of a Bulgarian village “Duni” in a region considered to be a state nature preserve.
Upon arrival as honeymooners, you will be greeted with a basket of fruits, and some fancy towel sculptures. The hotel offers nicely ornamented and modern accommodation and a variety of facilities and activities. It has  seven restaurants serving a variety of cuisines to fulfill all tastes.
Leaving the hotel may be the hardest thing to do as you indulge in one of its four indoor and outdoor swimming pools. An open-air gym is available to you so you may stay in shape, and a Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath and a fitness center are there for your pampering.
The hospitality and generosity of the hotel and its staff will make you feel at home. Depending on your stay, the hotel will assist you in booking and planning your journey in Duni, including activities like jeep safaris, shopping places, site seeing and many more.
You will experience the beauty of history within the comforts of the present, all in one hotel designed with the sole purpose of spoiling you.
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