A Luxurious Complication – The Asprey and Arnold & Son Limited Edition Ultra-Thin Tourbillon

Some say a man’s choice of apparel highly influences his demeanor and thereby, his pursuit of excellence. But what of accessories? I have always felt a man’s taste in timepieces provides an in depth view of his thoughts on life and the world. Some may often think only of the aspect of timekeeping or go for flash to the point of gaudiness. In my opinion, a refined taste in timepieces can provide an introspective example of the appreciation of quality, design, and craftsmanship. This level of attentiveness requires a high measure of consideration. True luxury goods are built upon the foundation of intellectual curiosity. And now, the skilled craftsmanship of British luxury goods house, Asprey, and the technological advancements of the grand British house of horology, Arnold & Son, have harmoniously joined to create the Asprey and Arnold & Son Limited Edition Ultra-Thin Tourbillon.


The Ultra-Thin Tourbillon is Asprey’s first co-branded limited edition watch with Arnold & Son. It is the world’s thinnest Palladium tourbillon watch, created with the utmost skill and expertise. This record-breaking timepiece measures a mere 8.34mm thick and is equipped with the A&S8200 movement measuring 2.97mm thick, a testament to Arnold & Son’s grand heritage of advanced horology invention. The Ultra Thin-Tourbillon is a magnificent accomplishment inside and out, from its exclusive Arnold & Son movement and Swiss escapement to its cambered sapphire crystal glass, Palladium case, and hand-stitched black Alligator strap. As the tourbillon was brought into existence by means of the ingenuity of senior John Arnold and his great friendship with Monsieur Abraham-Louis Bréguet, founder of Bréguet, the Swiss manufacturer of luxury timepieces, Asprey’s distinguished history of excellent craftsmanship magnifies the luxury and technical advancements of both houses.





The details of the Ultra-Thin Tourbillon are as follows:

Movement: Exclusive Arnold & Son Mechanical Movement Calibre A&S8200
Jewels: 29
Complication: Tourbillon
Case: Palladium
Case Diameter: 42mm
Case Thickness: 8.34 with sapphire
Water Resistance: 30M
Strap: Hand-stitched, black Alligator
Price: GBP £62,000 / USD $96,500 (approx.) 

For availability and further information, please contact Asprey.

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