Haute Guide to wearing Culottes- Spring’s trickiest fashion trend!


We are seeing culottes or the split skirt — on everyone from Rihanna to Victoria Beckham. This is thee ideal style for someone who likes the simplicity of a skirt and the comfort of pants, but, lets not fool ourselves, it can be a very hard style to pull off!

Caught somewhere in lower-half limbo between pants and skirts, culottes are an ingenuous way to flatter your body with some free-flowing ventilation. As always in fashion, much of the appeal lies in the fact that culottes feel unexpected and different to the mainstream, making it an easy way to look trendy and stand out amongst the crowd!

When we say culottes, you are probably thinking of something dowdy, something that will make you look stout and strange and in too-short pants. Forget all that. The new culottes—as seen on the runways at Gucci, Valentino, Stella McCartney is ankle-grazing, it is voluminous and very chic!

We at HauteArabia.com suggest easy ways to nail this tricky trend.

  1. Always keep your proportions in mind; the culottes has to hit above the ankle. Culottes come in a variety of lengths, so you should make sure to choose the length which is below the mid-calf and just above the ankle. This length will allow for a modest yet trendy look. If you’re on the petite side, opt for a pair that falls right below the knee.
  2. We emphasize that a good shoe is required to keep this kicky look grounded.
  3. Keep the look chic with higher heel to elongate the length of the leg
  4. A neat vest or T-shirt, either tucked in or short enough to show the waist, can be a helpful counterpoint to all that volume

Here are 4 easy looks to try on with your culottes, this Spring!

Look 1: The dinner/date look- Team the culottes with a sequin shirt, some statement heels(red heels would be perfect) and a clutch and you are ready for the dinner date. You can also team them with a crop top and a chunky necklace for an elegant and classy evening look.


Carolina Herrera, New York, 2015.

Look 2:  The minimalist look- For this look, go sleek and structured with your culottes. Pair it with a fun top/ shirt and some chunky heels/ flats for that simple and sassy look. When you want to make a statement and you want to look impressive and stunning, pair them with a crop top or sheer shirt.

Look 3: The preppy look: If you prefer the preppy look, then you can pair your culottes with a jumper, tartan shirt/t-shirt along with brogues and a hat for a casual and cute summery look. You can also pair the culottes with sneakers, which is the perfect look for running errands. Furthermore, pair them with the gladiators to add more oomph to  spring attire.


Look 4: The work-ready culottes- Yes! You can wear culottes to work. Team them with a monochrome blazer, crisp white shirt and brogues or pumps and you are surely going to look polished at work.


Appropriately, Culottes have a feminist backstory. After their popularisation in 18th-century France in Victorian England, they were trousers in disguise – skirts that would split apart to enable women to ride horses, play tennis and ride bicycles. Consequently, Culottes are an obvious trend this summer because they seem to tie in with the way that fashion is heading, which is that women are dressing for themselves and each other and not to appeal to men.

A woman who would wear culottes would probably be very fashion forward and not girly – that is the point of the design of a culotte.

A culotte is also a perfect addition to the wardrobe of a woman who wants to dress modestly yet fashionably because culottes are not body hugging, they are loose and voluminous and with the rightly chosen length ( just above the ankle) , they ensure a modest and chic look.

So ladies, with such a marvellous variety of lengths and styles, the culotte style truly has something for everyone. With the right layering and styling, you might end up loving them more than you love your jeans and black trousers.

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