Haute’s Summer Sunnies for 2015

Although the Haute Arabia ladies don’t need Summer to don some sleek sunnies, we are not complaining that the weather is getting hot hot hot and well, there’s more reason to add to our shades collection!

Personally, I don’t stick to the rules of what suits my face shape, I merely go for the bigger, the better! However, there is some merit in choosing something timeless that will last you through a few seasons. With designs from Prada, D&G, Chanel and Mui Mui that are too good to be true, we have chosen our favourite Summer Sunglasses for 2015!

The current trends seen on the runway have been so refreshingly different, taking classic styles and reinventing them into something new and exciting.  Be sure to shop these looks ladies, they are the perfect addition to finish off your effortlessly chic Haute looks!

Aviators: Although we have seen the traditional aviator trend before, this year the look seems to have taken a step further, altering the frame shape ever so slightly and pairing them with some mirrored, coloured and bejewelled lenses for a new and improved style sensation! For those of you who have more of an oblong shaped face, be sure to have one of these in your handbag this season!

Giorgio Armani

Christian Dior

Dolce & Gabbana

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed: Yes, the more colour and colour-blocking the better. Bright lenses, frames and a combination of the two have hit the runway hard this season, bringing a fun, quirky and refreshingly different take on these eyewear accessories.



Khaleda Rajab and Fahad Almarzouq

Round-about: This season has brought back some golden oldie favourites, sporting round and oval sunglasses inspired by the 60’s and 70’s. Events such a Coachella were filled with sunglasses in this trend, and it seems to be an easy one to pull off for those who have a more square face shape.


Tom Ford

Mui Mui

The Cat Eye: The cat eye style has been overly exaggerated this season, with the likes of Mui Mui, Celine and Vicotria Beckham proving that big, statement and thick framed shades are still part of this season’s must-haves. Other designers such as Kate Spade for e.g. have taken it even further with white-frames, a cool and confident classy look for summer 2015. Heart and diamond-shaped beauties, this trend is for you!




The Rim Trim: On paper this trend might sound rather odd, but boy is it a hit this season! These out-of-the-box inventive eye-candies have changed the way we look and expect to see sunglasses. No longer do we need thick full frame coverage, the likes of Mui Mui, Prada and 3.1 Phillip Lim have broken the norm and shown us that unconventional is cool yet again! The best part about this unusual trend, it suits everyone, so no need to get put off! Give them a try, I know we will!


Mui Mui

3.1 Phillip Lim

What style will you be sporting this season?


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