Spring Scarves – Haute Wardrobe Must-Have

For the days when nothing looks good, nothing fits well, and nothing strikes you as ‘wow’ anymore, our Haute Arabia style tip for this week is the Spring Silk Scarf.

We all get to the age when we want to build our wardrobes into a timeless collection of beautiful masterpieces, yes we refer to fashion as art! We believe the ultimate go-to wardrobe essential that will tie one’s wardrobe together and create versatile and unique looks are silk printed scarves, as seen in the summery and lust-worthy collection by Noor Saab, Annada and Nahara available online at www.hautearabia.com .

They are just perfect for any occasion, day or night, formal or fun and always attract compliments from friends and the like. The best part about a scarf is that it fits every size, every shape and can be used in so many unique, flattering and trendsetting ways.

With the weather starting to warm up and European trips on the cards, nothing beats a printed, vibrant and colourful scarf to turn a dull weekend wardrobe into a travel lust-look. Best part, they weigh next to nothing, so the variety you can take with you is endless!

For some scarf inspiration, do check out the collections by Noor Saab, Annada and Nahara on www.hautearabia.com .


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