Annada Scarves &’s Guide on how to Rock the Turban!

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you will know that we are going crazy about Turbans!

To provide our Haute Arabia readers with the best tips on this trend, we sought the  expert advice of two amazing brands that know how to work this knotting trend to the max.

Firstly, Annada Scarve’s Creative Director Nada Alawi talks to us about the beauty of wearing a scarf, and how the Annada brand style these head accessories:

Accessorizing is a form of self expression. Accessorizing with a scarf is a transformation. In Annada, we believe that Each woman can, with very simple selective choices, be exceptionally special. 

Modest fashion today does not restrict us, on the contrary, it allows us to layer and be more creative in combining different element to make a statement.  
We have put some suggestions that can easily be done as well as more intricate knots, twists and turns, based on your personal style and what you believe suits you.”  
Annada scarves make beautiful timeless accessories. The art is selected because no. 1 we fell in love with it and we hope you too fall in love with it; and no. 2 the colours make immediate combinations with items in your wardrobe especially if you follow fashion trends. 
We also sought some expert advice from the ever-chic Dubai-based blogger, Dee Mohamud the face behind
Dee has been rocking the turban trend for over 3 years now, having found inspiration through Ascia AKF. Although at first she struggled with her knotting skills, we think over the years, she has managed to perfect this look with the help of numerous YouTube How-To videos and practice practice practice.
Her insider tips to owning this trend are:
“Make sure the fabric of the scarf you’re wearing is light and not slippery, I find light cotton is the best, and try to wear a headcap underneath to keep your hair in place.”

“Wear ready-made turbans, because they are easy and fuss free, like these from”

Enjoy your knotting ladies and remember to play around and try new, creative styles! The options are endless and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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