Calling all Turbanistas!

Nothing excites me more than finding fashionable ways to dress modestly!

We are just loving the turban-tastic trend that is taking over at the moment, with celebs and the like also sporting this fashion-forward accessory! It’s perfect for those days when you’re having a bad hair day, or even when you want to spruce up your scarf cover with something different and colourful. Although this trend has had its moments of glory, sprouting interest and appeal in early 2012 and then disappearing for a few years after, its long-standing appeal ensures this trend keeps on coming back.

The beauty of this statement accessory, is that you can take the look as little or as far as you want. Variations such as the turban headband, Alice band, traditional head wrap or twisted turban are merely a few ways to don this trend this season! Admittedly, the turban trend was mainly categorised under the dated Boho Chic look, however, the evolution of turban-tastic has changed the way we see and wear this accessory. More than ever, the turban has become synonymous with quintessential glamour and sophisticated Chanel-esque style.

For those of you who want to make use of your silk printed scarves and create unusual and trendsetting looks, here are some of our favourite ways to make the turban-tastic look work for you!

 Nahara London – Side Knot

 Annada – Twisted headband

 Annada – Bow Turban

 Missoni- Clasic Turban

 Missoni – Quilted Turban

 Missoni – Crochet Turban

Be sure to check out the gorgeous scarf collections by Annada and Nahara London available online now at  and use these versatile accessories to make the turban trend your own!

Enjoy turbanistas! We can’t wait to see your personalised looks!

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