Haute catch up with the lovely ladies behind Jilbab NR Collection

j_large j2_1_large photo_2_fa3d644c-292c-4b65-a887-3e85d36f4d12_largeOur Contributing Editor, Noha Sindhi, had the privilege of catching up with the lovely ladies in Jeddah, who are the faces behind the brand “Jilbab“. This dynamic design team comprises of 3 talented women, Nouf, Nujood and Rehab, who merged their skills and created a unique and modest clothing brand, representative of the elegance behind Arabian Women.

Hear what they have to say below..

What was the reason behind the name “Jilbab”?

Jilbab, in Arabic, is what we wear over dresses and Abaya and over a wide Thobe that covers a woman’s chest and head. Originally, Jilbab is not exclusively referring to an Abaya.

How did you start it all?

In 2009, we began to design Abayas,but our goal was Arab Woman’s Elegance and we wanted the Jilbab to be stylish and designed in colours and also different styles that satisfy all ages.

What is your inspiration behind your designs?

We at Jilbab aim to diversify and design new styles. We also wanted the arab (in particular the Saudi) lady to have the opportunity to stand out and feel fashionable and modest at the same time. We don’t stick to the black colour only, we added colourful ones too that we feel are in fashion these days. We also add new product lines such as Ramadan thobes ,comfortable day-to-day dresses, beach and travel dresses, Eid and wedding dresses as well as jumpsuits that are modest and respect our culture. We truly thank Godfor its current success and customer’s satisfaction that our brand has received to date. The demand on our designs has really exceeded our expectations.

We are have some exciting new developments in store at Haute Arabia, but in the interim, for more on this stylish brand, follow @JILBAB_NR.

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