Haute Haven – The Chuan Spa at the Langham Hotel, London

Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of London’s city centre is the Chuan Spa at The Langham Hotel, a peaceful haven in the most unlikeliest of places. The serenity of this spa sanctuary is juxtaposed against its location – just a few steps off the ever-busy Regent Street –  you can quite easily forget you’re right in the heart of one of the liveliest city centres in the world!

Having been fortunate enough to have frequented more than my fair share of spa’s in some of the most decadent locations around the world, I always try and pinpoint something that is unique to each venue, the ‘wow’ factor that keeps patrons streaming back for more. So, after hearing so much about the Chuan Spa from those in-the-know, my spa day this past weekend has left me in no doubt –  this is a spa experience with plenty of wow!

Upon entering the Chuan Spa, I was welcomed by a friendly receptionist who gave me a brief tour of their spa amenities. The layout of the venue was quite unusual, with the reception, treatment rooms, and treatment waiting area all on the top floor, and then tucked beneath it on the floor below, a fully equipped gym, a 16-metre long heated pool, a bubbling Jacuzzi, as well as a private ladies only sauna and steam room. My first impression was that the layout lacked a natural flow, however after settling into my fluffy robe and hotel slippers to enjoy the facilities on offer, I was ever so grateful for the privacy that the layout provides.

After a dip in the pool and a bit of downtime in the Jacuzzi and sauna, I returned upstairs to the circular waiting area, ready and excited to experience my treatment. I was booked in for one of Germaine De Cappucini’s Signature facials: the Efficiency with Timexpert. For those not familiar, Germain De Cappucini is a leading professional Spanish skincare brand that recently launched at The Langham Hotel, the first luxury hotel to house this brand. Germaine De Cappucini is a leader and pioneer in non-invasive therapies, focussed on anti-ageing and the renewal of one’s skin. These unique therapies have been constructed through 50 years of industry-leading research in results-driven skincare technology. The Timeexpert treatment is targeted at males and females, from 25 years of age and older, who are looking to treat and prevent the loss of elasticity and volume in their skin, and are conscious of fine wrinkles and expression lines.

All the treatment rooms are named after different elements of nature. I happened to be escorted to the Earth room, a cozy zen-like room with soft music and warm lighting. My therapist then explained my upcoming treatment to me, and detailed exactly what was to be expected over the next hour. The Efficiency with Timexpert treatment starts off with your therapist placing heated seed-based apparatus over the pressure points of your body, in order to reduce muscular tension and help your body to relax. Some deep breathing with an essential oil blend, and a light exfoliation then followed, before having a pro-elasticity collagen gel placed over my face and neck area. I felt a slight tingling sensation over my neck and face area as my therapist used a facial machine which aids in locking collagen in the dermis layer of your skin. Around ten minutes later, a cooling gel-based mask was applied, which is said to help in tightening and soothing the skin. The treatment was then concluded with an eye and face serum, and a day-care moisturizer.

Another signature Germaine De Cappucini move is the hot towel stretching around your neck and shoulder area, helping to loosen your muscles, and provide more relief to  your upper-body. Finally, before opening my eyes, the room was filled with my chosen scent for the day, the Kokura scent, one of 3 signature perfumes from the Germain de Cappucini range. These perfumes were created by the founder’s son, and he chose each scent based on his mother’s favourite gardens around the world: La Toscane, Central Park NYC and Kokura. This added a sensual and unique finishing touch to what was in my experience, a world class facial treatment.

I can now understand why the Chuan Spa was chosen as the winner of World Luxury Spa Awards Best Luxury Spa of 2013, as well as granted a Forbes 4-Star award. Whether you’re visiting London, or just looking for an indulgent getaway, do yourself a favour and try out the Chuan Spa: their full spa treatment range is available on http://www.chuanspa.com/en/London/treatment_packages.htm.

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