Haute Homes: Interior Trends for 2015

Mediterranean Blue

Colour Palette and some inspiration 

Imagine Santorini… The beautiful shades of blue that coat the sky, sea, gates and rooftops.
Serene right? Santorini,Greece has always been a destination on many people’s travel wish list. You may have visited this gorgeous island before, or maybe it’s still on your list of places to visit, either way, you need not travel far to can bring the same colours and what they stand for into your home. 
With Spring in full force and Summer around the corner,  freshen up your living area with a new coat of paint, wallpaper or by adding Grecian accents with pieces of furniture. Better so, implement the colours into your dining room with plates, cups and more. Pair the Mediterranean blue colours with pink, gold and of course white to create the serenity of this island right in your living room.

It has been known in history books that Europe has some Arabian influences, particularly the Mediterranean. In the past, the Mediterranean was a place of network between the East and West. We just love their influences and how well the two work together.

Santorini, Greece

Silsal Design House have some lovely quality items that can bring the beautiful blue hues of Santorini, as well as the Arabian design influences into your home. Serve your food and tea in their elegant plate sets and tea cups.

The beautiful Arabic calligraphy and colours have been brought together to create elegant and modern designs that have a deeper meaning. The plates have the words Al-Ikbal, Al-Irtika’a, Al-Iz, Al-Sa’adah, Al-Biir, Al-Baraka, Al-Yumn, Al-Ishraq, Al-Nour, which mean Prosperity, Poise, Glory, Happiness, Devotion, Blessings, Fortune, Radiance and Light. Be sure to invite us over for some tea and scones when using your exclusive crockery from this range. Nothing like some unique pieces to add an element of luxury and serenity into one’s home.

Silsal Design House Ghidal Collection is available now on Haute Arabia.

Images – 99 Travel Tips, Michael Graydon, Mima Interiors and Sarah Kaye Representation

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