In the Haute Seat with BubbleGum Hijab

BubbleGumHijab or Bubbles as known by her friends and family, is a successful Fashion Blogger/Vlogger, Graphic Designer and Business Woman. Her social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube is growing each day and we are proud to say she has managed to achieved all this success (MashAllah) at such a young age.

Haute Arabia had the opportunity to chat with this young trendsetter recently, and and ask her all the Haute questions we know you want to hear about – we talk style, fashion/beauty tips, success and much more. Have a read and do check out her page for more Hijab inspiration.

Define your personal style in 3 words.

Bubble, Gum & Pop.

What is the one thing that no one knows about you?

I think that’s a tough one. I’m really close to my friends so my friends will always know everything about me, but I think most people (my followers) probably don’t know my name.

Did you always want to be a blogger/vlogger?

OMG no way I started YouTube as a big joke but it was soooo much fun to do. Sometimes I can’t even believe that people sit there and watch my videos it’s amazing. I am really grateful to all my viewers; it’s only because of them I have kept on going.

What would you want to change about your current life and job?

I think if I had the opportunity I would love to work part time so I have more time to focus on my business and blogging/vlogging.

The last thing you bought and loved?

Since launching my clothing line I must say I haven’t really bought anything, but the last product I purchased was a concealer and I am just in LOVE with it. It’s by a brand called kryolan and they have a store in Covent Garden. This stuff is seriously magical, it just erases my dark circles, every girl must try this product.

The thing you are eyeing next?

OMG there is too many things I have on my list, but I would definitely have to say the Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer and the Kevin Aucoin Skin Fluid Foundation.

An unforgettable place you have travelled in the past year?

Oh I feel sad, I haven’t travelled in the past year, but I would have to say the most unforgettable that I have visited a couple of years ago would be Thailand. It was an amazing experience!

Describe a typical day in your life…

A typical day would probably consist of waking up for Fajr, getting some Arabic studies done before getting ready for work, going to work, and after work I usually try and meet some friends for dinner or coffee, or watch a movie. I prefer to socialize and do stuff so I’m always out and about in the evenings (even on a Monday). During the days I’m not meeting up with my friends. I’m at the suppliers trying to figure out what products to pick for my next collection, then when I’m home just sorting out some admin stuff. Then the rest of my evening is spent with some quality family time, usually watching some Asian TV with my mom and then BED, Alhamdulillah.

The best moment in your working life?

I think for me the best moment was when my work got published. That felt awesome, my work is only in-house so these opportunities don’t really come along. So far 2 out of the 3 times my work has been published, by the Financial Times and City AM which I’m really chuffed about

Describe the most challenging day in your work life?

I’m a graphic designer and I do find it difficult to work with people that are unsure about what they want. I think it’s good to have a basic starting point when you work with a designer; this makes it easier for the designer to bring your vision to life.

You’re very successful (MashAllah) how do you give back to the world?

Alhamdulillah I think my mom and dad have always been great role models, they do a lot for their community in their home country (in Bangladesh) and since me and my siblings started working full time, naturally we want to step up and help out too.

Check out Bubbles’ signature hijab tutorial below. 

Your personal style icon?

I don’t have a personal style icon but I am always inspired by styles I spot on e.g. any red carpet event, some of the gowns that are worn are just amazing.

One person whom you wish to style/do makeup for? 

LOL! Well I’m not really confident in doing my own make up, but if I had to choose I would say hmmm, Beyoncé she has such beautiful caramel skin.

The best gift you have received recently?

I received some Lush cosmetics from my cousins the other day and I can’t wait to use them and then do a DIY inspired by lush.

An object you would never part with?

Definitely my iPhone! I really don’t know how we lived without phones, it’s incomprehensive, I can’t even imagine not having one anymore.

What do you owe your success to?

I think definitely Allah (SWT) as I don’t even know how I became a graphic designer in an international firm with no qualification. The company I work for only hires people with master’s degree, so there is no doubt that it was because of Allah’s love and mercy – Alhamdulillah.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I usually never plan so far ahead; I like to take life as it comes. I do plan for the near future but never the FUTURE. However it would be amazing to have a successful business Insha Allah, or maybe laying on a nice white sandy beach sipping a mocktail, LOL!

You never leave the house without these 5 things in your bag…

My oyster card, purse and my car keys. I’m really low maintenance I just need those 3 things and I’m happy. I think people will be surprised because I never carry any make up with me, not even lipstick.

Your favorite clothing brand?

I don’t really have a favourite brand, I love shopping in charity shops, second hand, vintage fairs, and I have been doing it ever since I was 8 years old. I think back then it was something we did to get by but it gradually turned into a hobby and I just love it.

Your top 5 makeup essentials?

My top 5 make up essentials are:

  1. My favourite concealer by Kryolan.
  2. Eye liner by Collections, its a felt tip liner. I go through so much of this stuff and the tip is soft and just glides on.
  3. My Dior Show Blackout Mascara, my lashes look fuller and longer and I don’t use false lashes, so I need all the help I can get in this department.
  4. Dior Addict Lip Glow, given to me by my bestie and it’s the best lip balm I have ever used.
  5. And lastly, OMG I am rocking the purple eyebrows right now, and I am SO I’m in love with the LA COLOUR Eyeliner Pencil in violet, which I use to create my signature purple brows.

Your favourite lipstick for the perfect day look and night look?

Oh that’s tricky because I think it depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to have a bright lippy for the day look and nude for the evening, or vice versa, but definitely to get either I would go for a red, and for the perfect red matt lip I use sStiletto by Sleek and for the perfect nude lips I use my Rouge Dior Nude lipstick.

Your makeup for the perfect day look would be…

I love dewy skin with a hint of coral blush by Sleek Life’s a Peach is perfect and complements my skin tone and as its spring I think pink lips are perfect so I would use Loved Up by Sleek.

Your makeup for the perfect night look would be…

I would probably go for the same look as above I would just add Sparkling Dust FEB 03 by Inglot over the peach blusher and change the lips from loved up to Baby Doll by Sleek this is nude and it’s perfect with the gold blusher. I love the sun kissed look and would have feline eyes created with my collection felt tip liner.

Your favorite perfume?

That’s easy, my Miss Dior Le Parfum it has amber, patchouli, vanilla, rose and mandarin notes its oriental and floral and I only use it for special occasions. Usually I would pick perfumes with a lychee note, but I think this is the only perfume I own that doesn’t have a lychee note.

A final styling tip/fashion advice to all your followers, fans etc.?

I think a style tip would be, be comfortable in your own skin, also its ok to take time to figure out your own personal style. We grow and our style changes if you use an icon and imitate them it’s also ok because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Written by Hina Khan

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