In The Haute Seat with Maha AlHamed – Edgy, Urban and Classy Fashion Designer for Maha Collections

Very rarely do we come across women who are multi-talented and successful in every career that they are pursuing. Maha AlHamed is one of those brilliant women who is doing exceptionally well in each of her career choices.

An inspiration to women across the world, Maha Alhamed is a successful Fashion Designer, Stylist and TV presenter in MBC 3 in Dubai, UAE. Her social media presence on Instagram and Facebook is growing each day and we are proud to say she has managed to achieve all this success (MashAllah) in such a short span of time.

Her fashion label- Maha Collections showcases elegant, edgy and classy designs of capes, tops and the like, true to Maha’s sense of style. The collections are a perfect mix for the modern, contemporary women looking for sassy yet elegant designs. had the opportunity to chat with this dynamic woman and ask her all the Haute questions we know you want to hear about – we talk style, fashion/beauty tips, success and much more. Have a read and do check out her Instagram and Facebook pages for regular updates about her upcoming collections.

Define your personal style in 3 words

Edgy, Urban and Classy

What is the one thing that no one knows about you?

I am very transparent and people tend to read through me, but the one thing that the public does not know about me is my sense of humor.

What would you want to change about your current life and job?

The only thing constant in my life is change, change for the better. On a personal level I am now working on having a healthier life – I love food though so it is challenging. On a professional level, as a designer, I am working on expanding my brand name “Maha Colletion” regionally and then internationally.

The last thing you bought and loved?

The new Pharrel Williams Super Color by Adidas shoes. I am obsessed with them and can wear them with anything!

The thing you are eyeing next…?

They call it The Shoe of the Moment: Wild Thing Sandal by Aquazzura, which I ordered online because it is sold out in Dubai.

An unforgettable place you have travelled in the past year?

Seychelles, the perfect beach destination I honestly recommend it to anyone who wants a relaxing getaway.

Did you always want to be a TV presenter?

Honestly I had never thought about it but everyone told me that it suits my personality and I should try it as a career and once I got the opportunity to become a TV presenter I loved it because I love interacting with people and giving them advise and talk to them about the fashion world.

Describe a typical day in your life…..

My work schedule is flexible I wake up in the morning  and start my day  by replying to emails and managing my customers and organizing my meetings. I plan my whole week and then l like to plan what I want to do with my brand and then go out with my friends for lunch or dinner/ official meetings.

The best moment in your working life?

The best part as a designer is interacting with my customers and building this relationship by giving them styling tips on how to wear their Maha Collection’s pieces.I share tips on how to showcase an edgy/pretty look with my collection. The best moment as a TV presenter is that it gives me an opportunity to be on a bigger platform and being in front of the  camera and it is more on a public level which enables me to connect with my customers in a better way.

Tell us about your label ‘ Maha Collections’…

Maha Collections is suited for everyone no matter what age or size you are because you will notice that it has a loose comfortable feel to it. I like people to be daring and different when wearing my designs. My designs are combination of edgy fabrics. Every collection I release has a different theme. My first collection included crazy colourful fabrics that had a vintage texture to it.

As for my last collection, which I called the Cape collection is a combo between edgy and classic designs with light linen pastel fabrics such as purple, blue, and beige, which I feel represents me the most. The reason why I used the cape design in my last collection is because the cape has always been one of my favorite trends this season and I always the cape always gives a classy yet rich look to any piece of clothing.

What’s different about Maha collections is that I always have that loose free feeling in every piece, to maintain that, I created a cape collection that is classy but also has a comfortable feel to it. The pieces include a suit looking cape that women can wear for a classy night out or the casual everyday wear dresses that also still have a mini cape that adds a trendy touch to it.

Describe the most challenging day in your work life..

Honestly I haven’t faced major challenges because I feel time management is key of having a smooth job.

You’re so successful (MashAllah) how do you give back to the world?

As a successful designer and TV presenter I would love to be an example to young girls to not to be afraid of achieving their dreams and I feel as a stylist it’s the perfect way to help girls discover their own style and what suits them and be on trend.

Your style icon?

Olivia Palermo when I love to go for my Classic side. When I want to go to my edgy side Nicole Richie for sure.

One person whom you wish to interview and you haven’t interviewed yet?

Karl Lagerfeld and Queen Rania

One best thing you like about Dubai?

The best thing about Dubai is that it gives you the opportunity to meet different people from different backgrounds and nationalities, it made me discover different cultures. Living in Dubai feels like travelling the world while staying in one place.

The best gift you have received recently?

A Van Cleef bracelet from my father telling me he is proud of my achievements

An object you would never part with?


What do you owe your success to?

Allah first and then the support of my family and friends and of course my hard work.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I see myself as an international designer. As for my career as TV presenter, I see myself having a show dedicated to change people’s lives and lifestyle for the better.

You never leave the house without these 5 things in your bag..

Phone, watch, planner, nude color lipstick and hairclip.

Your favourite clothing brand?

Alexander Wang.

Your top 5 makeup essentials?

Nude lipstick, Mascara, bronze blusher, MAC contouring kit and eyeliner.

Your favourite perfume?

Chanel No.5.

A styling tip to all your followers, fans etc

Never be afraid to be yourself and to discover your own unique style and follow the trend if it suits you and your body type and not to be afraid to create a new trend.

Interview by- H.Anjum


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