Ramadan in the Fashion Industry

We are used to seeing Middle-Eastern customers privileged by the fashion industry because of their taste for all things luxury. Now, it is the Muslim customer that is targeted. Indeed, Ramadan 2015 has been at the center of all the Western fashion industry’s attention.

Even though Middle-Eastern brand used to create special collections for the holy month (exclusive abayas, more modest dresses, special party attire), keeping in mind Eid is a huge shopping opportunity, this year, we have been witnessing a increasing interest for Ramadan from Western fashion companies.

According to Ilse Thomele “like Christmas, a religious context serves as a reason for families and friends to come together. A typical ‘Ramadan consumer’ is likely to emerge in the same way as the Christmas shopper, as a global phenomenon”.

Mainstream brands like Zara and Mango launched special Ramadan collections with summery yet modest pieces, only available in Arab countries.

DKNY, who was the first to create a Ramadan collection, last year, strikes again, along with Monique Lhuillier and Tommy Hilfiger.

Even online fashion retailers Net-a-Porter and Moda Operandi made a Ramadan selection of their most adequate products for the season.

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