Valentino’s Modest & Oriental Haute Couture Collection

Black, long and modest.

Those are the key words for Valentino’s last haute couture collection, showcased in Rome, the fashion house’s hometown.

The collection is all about modesty and introduces tons of oriental inspired details. Being mainly inspired by Rome, the collection brings details from the culture of the Mediterranean areas and thus, Arabian features: gold jewellery, the profusion of black dresses reminding of abayas, beads and embroideries, velvet dresses (velvet is a fabric used a lot in kaftan making in Maghreb), and the shapes of the clothes in general were very modest and wearable for any demure woman.

It was, by far, our favorite couture show, and one that really was appreciated by the whole fashion sphere. But one can’t help noticing that the whole Couture Fashion Week catered modest details. The demure vibe is not just closed to Arab women now, and that is a good thing.

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