Khadija Cosmetics

KHADIJA cosmetics are a different new way of understanding HALAL cosmetics:

– HEALTHY and NATURAL: Our formulas are 100% natural, without chemicals, synthetic ingredients or known allergens, to respect your skin’s health in the short and long term.

Our make-up is non-comedogenic and contains mineral sun-blocking filters that protect your skin against the damaging UV sun-rays.

PROFESSIONAL quality:  Because all-natural does not have to mean underperforming. Decades of research have been invested to offer you ultra-performing, versatile and long-lasting formulas for a high quality professional make-up.

You will find that our foundations melt perfectly into your skin for a flawless result, our lipsticks are bold to offer true colours and our eyeshadows provide versatile effects from soft blur to dramatic

– ENVIRONMENT friendly:  KHADIJA does not test on animals and makes sure no-one in our supply change does.  We reduce our packaging to the strict minimum and work on a 360° basis targeting zero-carbon impact

–  GIVING BACK: At KHADIJA cosmetics, we are proud to share our benefits with our community, by sending part of our benefits directly to them.

We are engaged with empowering women, facilitating them access to paid jobs, all over the world.

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