Halal Cosmetics Company, The beauty products you can’t live without!

Face moisturisers, hand cream and eye creams probably the three most used products by women. We love that these are exactly the products Halal Cosmetics Company have perfected. We’re not easy on cosmetic products but we are pleasantly super impressed and so were all our guests.

The comments have been flooding in since our event when each of you would have received some small sample jars of these magical creams and thee positive response has been overwhelming for this product range.

Our resident facial product expert tells us what she thinks of the three products she has reviewed.

[shopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/halal-cosmetics-company/products/ultimate-anti-ageing-cream%5D %5Bshopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/halal-cosmetics-company/products/anti-ageing-night-cream%5D

I really loved this product.The cream is rich yet not too heavy and so absorbing quickly and naturally into the skin. The astaxanthin provides the firmness and the entire face feels truly refreshed after each application. The scent of this cream is also deserving of mention as it’s so fresh and pleasant unlike many creams which offer the firmness and richness of this.


[shopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/halal-cosmetics-company/products/asta-revital-eyes%5D

Another favourite with the aloe vera based formulation it is fresh and light and absorbs quickly through the layers of the skin.

[shopify product = http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/halal-cosmetics-company/products/anti-ageing-hand-cream%5D

This has become our go-to product after every wudu. It has a similar formulation to the face cream but is just slightly lighter. The same wonderful light scent and richness is just perfect. We only wish there were small tubes to carry around with us!

As if we don’t have enough reason to love this brand, the story behind it really makes us appeciate the love and dedication with which these products have been created.

The products can truly be called revolutionary because, as well as being paraben and SLS-free – unusually for the cosmetics industry – the skincare products are all certified as halal. The signature range of products contains one of the most powerful antioxidants discovered to date, Astaxanthin, described by some scientists as a miracle of nature.

The inspiration behind our brand is company founder and director, Salma Chaudhry. In 2009 this mum of 4 was faced with every woman’s nightmare when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news was devastating and Salma began looking deeper into her lifestyle to find out if there were any connections to her diagnosis. When she researched the ingredients in the cosmetics she used, she began to uncover a darker side of beauty. Salma was shocked at some of the harmful ingredients used in cosmetics and for the first time in her life she realised that a lot of these products contained haram ingredients. In fact, there was no certainty that any of them were halal.

I truly believe these products can turn time back with the rich concentrated formulation, combining some of the most powerful antioxidants discovered in nature. Reverse premature signs of aging such as wrinkles and age spots, improve moisture levels, elasticity and smoothness and give your skin a beautiful healthy glow.

In June 2013 Salma was awarded the Fusion “Entrepreneur of the Year” award and was shortlisted as a finalist in the Enterprise Vision Awards for the “Beauty Business of the Year” category.

I highly encourage you to shop Halal Cosmetics now at Haute Élan http://www.haute-elan.com/collections/halal-cosmetics-company

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