CULINARY EXPERIENCE: Yamal Alsham, Lebanese & Syrian cuisine

As part of our new series – CULINARY EXPERIENCE, we will be featuring one key restaurant each week! This week it’s Yamal Alsham Restaurant in London’s Knightsbridge.

Yamal Alsham is a sophisticated middle eastern restaurant serving many of the traditional dishes you would expect from a Lebanese and Syrian menu. Our team had a broad selection of starters including Humous, Tabouleh and Halloumi cheese and main courses from the grill. We do warn you – the portions are generous so don’t over order!  The set menu was great and tea was on the house. With a warm welcome from the staff we were swiftly seated upon arrival. The restaurant is fairly small with a cosy atmosphere and great middle eastern inspired decor. We highly recommend this restaurant for a casual night out with friends or family, considering the posh location with Harrods around the corner the restaurant is priced well.

Price range: Starters average price £7.00. Main course average price £15.00.

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