Integrity and ingenuity taken to another level – MAQDEEM ABAYAS

Integrity and ingenuity taken to another level must have a name – the name that springs to mind, in this case, is Maqdeem Al Naama. 

Not only has the 23 year old Qatari Electrical Engineer designed her own collection of Abayas, eponymously named: Maqdeem, but she models them herself. This, she says, is because she believes in being an active participant in the vision she has created; a vision that includes introducing colour and flair to the usual black Abaya attire widely worn in the Middle East.

There has been a surge in demand for other colours and tones- to display individual style, but without compromising on what is considered culturally acceptable. This demand is reflected in the fact that her first line sold out within three days of her Instagram page going live in July- with pre-Eid shoppers eager to snap-up aesthetically head-turning, but functional designs.

I would say Al Naama has successfully added another element to her creations: Romance. By choosing soft shades of grey, beige and brown as well as white and black and matching flowing fabrics- organza and crepe with grounding linen, the look is both instantly ethereal and earthy; reminiscent of a well-known Persian love-story: Majnoon and Layla. These abayas, you imagine, could easily have been worn by Layla (and here Al Naama did well to model them herself) when her legendary beauty captured Majnoon’s heart and drove him to a lovelorn madness.

Suitors beware..

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