The Ageing Process Explained by Cosmetic Scientist, Founder of CHIDEM

The wrinkles and lines in our skin say a lot about us. The occurrence of wrinkles is predetermined by numerous intrinsic factors such as age, gender, race or genes. External factors such as UV light, diet, smoking and alcohol misuse also influence their occurrence.

The structure of the skin changes with a loss of tautness, elasticity and smoothness. Wrinkles occur in the slack skin and the subcutaneous fatty tissue decreases. These changes are the first and foremost expression of a general ageing of the subcutaneous connective tissue of the dermis (lower layer of the skin). The connective tissue fibres consist of the proteins collagen and elastin. In young skin, a complex network with an intersecting and spiral arrangement of these collagen fibres is recognisable however the gradual loss in density, strength and orientation occur with increasing age.

The most important factors that contribute to the occurrence of wrinkles are:

The epidermis becomes thinner and has fewer layers.

The differentiation and flaking of skin cells becomes irregular.

The junction between the dermis and epidermis (DEJ) is weakened by the loss of collagen.

Irregular deposits of abnormal elastic tissue in the dermis

Loss of skin collagen under the wrinkles leads to a deepening of the wrinkles with time.

How can we slow down the ageing process?

Silicon is an essential constituent in humans for all firm tissue. Our body contains a total of 1.4 grams of silicon and it occurs in all connective tissue structures and is therefore to be found in practically all organs, blood vessels, skin and hair. Practically all tissue gains strength from a good supply of silicon. With increasing age, the body’s silicon content decreases and therefore the elasticity and resilience of the skin also decrease. The mechanical properties of the skin lose their uniformity. Scientific studies have proved that the collagen Type I is only formed properly in the presence of silicon. The main constituent of collagen is drastically reduced in the absence of silicon, and the activity of the enzyme for the collagen synthesis also decreases.

The Beauty of Youth Collection contains active ingredients like botanical silicon from millet and skin-tautening tannins from the oak, which have been especially designed to improve the skin structure. Vivo studies confirm an improved skin structure by reducing wrinkles and lines, as well as a generally younger appearance in just 28 days.

Botanical silicon with high bio-availability promotes the production of the skin’s structural proteins which improves the skin’s mechanical properties. Tannins from the oak have a tightening effect. As natural complexing agents, they also neutralise harmful metal ions and protect the skin with their anti-oxidative properties.

After 28 days of applying the active ingredients and my comparing with the placebo cream, studies show that;

-Wrinkle surface is reduced by 50%

-Wrinkle depth of the skin is reduced by 10% 

-Networking of the skin has improved by 14%

Other benefits of the Beauty of Youth Collection

A cocktail of vitamins A, B, C and E, hyaluronic acid and co-enzymes, boosting luminosity.

Plumps skin with moisture so it looks in its prime: more lifted and radiant, healthy and smooth.

Reduces the depth of wrinkles, stimulates the production of collagen, proteins, fibre and elastin.

Intensive firming, rejuvenating, hydrating treatment, fighting the ageing process on all fronts.

Reduces redness and acts as a coolant, so an excellent facial mist during or after sun exposure.

Celebrities that have tried the Beauty of Youth Collection: Kim Kardashian West, Tuba Buyukustun, Nebehat Cehre and Kivanc Tatlitug.

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