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As a technology junky and someone with very limited time I am always seeking out ways of being more efficient. Going to a salon for an essential treatment has become something of a luxury. It’s not that I don’t value the importance of some down time – which I absolutely do, however, it is often the travel time to and fro a location that makes doing these things impossible – traffic and parking just two of the issues.

So that’s why technology is just so wonderful – it can bring everything right to your home. Shopping online has been something i’ve been doing since the first ecommerce website was launched, and one of those was one of my early enterprises back at high school!

Bringing services to your home however, is the latest in great disruptive technology and i’m so pleased to have found Urban Massage. A 5* massage service delivered on demand. The service currently operates in the London and Manchester areas and is a mobile massage service offering spa-quality treatments directly to customers at home, in your office or a hotel within one hour of booking! Forgot to book mum a birthday present – book this in an hour and she will think you have planned something for her from months! Another great idea is a gift to a colleague or friend, given you don’t even have to wait for them to be home – it’s simply awesome.

I loved the speed with which everything happened, you book and the therapist is there within the hour! As a massage and spa veteran, I really know my services and demand a lot from a therapist in quality. I was not disappointed, what’s great is that the service providers are actually specialist therapists and I was fortunate to have ‘Rima’ who I definitely recommend, she comes with that feeling of peace and serenity. I arrived home after her and she didn’t rush me and told me to take my time to get ready for her. I love that as often in some spa’s in the city if you’re running late they will simply deduct that time off your hour and you will just feel hard done by having paid so much. I also loved that she created the sense of a professional spa environment with a fantastic massage table and soft music to drown out any noise around. Once my eyes were closed and the candle was on – (I love my Pink’s Boutique candles and honestly can’t live without these. If you haven’t tried one I highly recommend you do, shop them here)   I was transported to a top spa.

Rima came with some beautiful oils and did a deep tissue massage. It was incredible and really overdue. What I always love is a therapist who can explain the problems she felt in your body and elaborate on how she dealt with these. She explained how she had found toxin build-ups on my knees and even gave me a few recommended exercises to help my dropped shoulder.

So if there’s one thing you have to try either as a quick necessary self-service or as a gift/ surprise for someone – please try Urban Massage. Oh and as a special gift for all Haute Arabia customers get £10 off your first treatment! Don’t forget to use the code ‘HauteArabia’.

Enjoy and don’t forget to let us know how it was!

Love, CEO, Romanna Bint-Abubaker

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